Professional replica watches web site, designer fake rolex omega tag heuer watches Which is the ordinary people to wear the watch that is clearly red fruit fruit technology, replica watches on the inch of the land, for watch manufacturers, in addition to show the time outside, or show the stage of unique skills. Through this rolex replica watches curved sapphire crystal glass table, the dial is more open. Small seconds and 30 minutes chronograph plate at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock direction, to maintain the visual balance. Dial the central chronograph second hand, usually stopped at the zero position, through the side of the button to control the timing. Case two-point button for the start / pause button, four-point button for the zero button. In the watch in the "zero" state, press the start / pause button, the central second hand began to move around, every minute, 9 o'clock position of the minute hand beating a grid. Press the start / pause button again, the code table stops, then you can observe the value. And then press the zero button, the code table seconds, all two points to zero.
First of all, for these fake omega watches dial a layer of electroplating substrate; and then in accordance with a series of manual manual multi-layer add color paint - bright green, dark blue, dark gray or blazing bright red. The last step, with a special spray gun in this piece of "canvas" carefully painted black paint - the process depends on the gun angle, will produce a unique gradient color, called "gradient effect." Orange orange dial color is particularly special, is through the additional paint from the color: the initial gold-plated coating is not only covered with a layer of black, there is a layer of red paint. The painted dial is then baked in a baking oven.

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The tourbillon comes with a practical quick stop function. The realization of the device function is closely related to the design of the brake lever, the brake lever can stop the big balance wheel and balance wheel on the 18 screws, and can be restarted when needed. In order to obtain the correct angle of the brake lever, the designer in-depth study of the best geometric structure and dynamics, so that the wearer can set the time to seconds, while ensuring that you can immediately restart the movement. The quick stop device stops the balance wheel instantaneously instead of the tourbillon frame, thus avoiding the balance of the balance wheel when the tourbillon frame is stopped. All functions and operations can be achieved through the crown control of the three o'clock position.

fake omega 38 mm ultra-thin size for women's wrist, 18K white gold case thickness of only 9.37 mm, with a slightly curved curved lugs, suitable for the appearance of high-level watch a soft spot for modern women. Equipped with the same color dark blue large pattern crocodile leather strap.

Exceptional fake rolex and tag heuer equipped with a very complex and unique 3600 movement, from a fully integrated design concept to the exquisite appearance of the modification process, which lasted five years to complete research and development. This manual winding mechanical movement not only successfully assembled more than 20 complex functions of the watch - including three independent gear drive system driven by the three time measurement mode, and can be achieved through two groups of six barrels to achieve Up to three weeks of power reserve. Obviously, to ensure that so many astronomical instructions function can be accurate operation, requires a lot of power support.

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