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From : ASFON<asfonwp@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue May 2 16:02:36 2000

MIR Team, Saya tertarik dengan persembahan dari tuan dan kalau boleh saya akan mencadangkan agar persatuan/kelab senifoto iaitu ASFON (Angkatan Senifoto W. Persekutuan) sepatutnya bersama dengan homepage ini. Sekian

From : Satyajit Patel<sj_patel@yahoo.com>
Date : Tue May 2 16:01:06 2000

Let me tell you first that this is the most informative site I have found in years. I have been on the web and doing all sorts of things related to web since 1993. I have never come across a site that is informative as yours. The best of all, you are more interested in information than making money off of novices. I love your site and have it as my first bookmark. Good work and hope all will share knowledge as you are sharing it. Regards, Jay.

From : Toomany<toomany@rocketmail.com>
Date : Tue May 2 15:59:50 2000

was just cruising the web and stumbled upon this great page.

From : Steven Samuels<sampler@jps.net>
Date : Tue May 2 15:19:34 2000

Wanting information on the Nikon F3, I found you had the entire manual to download! Thank you!

From : Alex <soreal@usa.net>
Date : Tue May 2 15:17:35 2000

What a site. No words can explain the wisdom and amount of information the whole site has. This is definately the best site for classic cameras on the internet. World class, top quality. A superb job!

From : Danny Szpiro <dszpiro@vax2.concordia.ca>
Date : Tue May 2 15:16:03 2000

An absolutely wonderful resource! My sincere thanks for all of the work that has
gone into your site.

From : Edmar Henschel<henschel@gmx.de>
Date : Tue May 2 15:14:28 2000

What kind of a wonderful Homepage! I will come again.

From : Shankar Kuna Segran<shankar79@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue May 2 15:11:43 2000

This MIR web page has really made my work on an assignment a lot more easier. I don't even have to go to the library. I have what I wanted from the comfort of my own home. Update these information regularly. Lastly, keep up the good work!!!

From : Daniel Chong<hiaw@ihug.co.nz>
Date : Tue May 2 15:10:18 2000

It's really great to c a world standard site for malaysia photography, it's just great to be a malaysian. MERDEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From : Azrul Abdullah<azrulabd@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue May 2 15:08:08 2000

This has been one of the most informative sites I've been to. The material has
been well presented and well organised. I particularly liked the section on the
history of Rollei/Nikon/Hasselblad and the portfolio section. It is great to know that Malaysian photographers have a forum to display their photographs. I've already passed on this link to quite a few other Malaysians overseas and I think they will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of content and presentation of this site. Keep up the good work!

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