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From : singapore beauty<
Date : Tue May 2 12:06:48 2000

not much comment.....but i like it..

From : Miss Mimi Chan<mimichan@tm.net.my>
Date : Tue May 2 12:05:49 2000

Very impressive. Reply any mails to above address. Wish to make lots of friends through the net. Till then.......

From : W.K.ONG<cheehoon@cyberway.com.sg>
Date : Tue May 2 12:04:40 2000

Glad that someone from Malaysia can come up with such home page as yours. Very informative. Keep up the good work.

From : nik nazmi <nnna@tm.net.my>
Date : Tue May 2 12:03:26 2000

a great and unique homepage...great work!

From : Joseph R. Sundararaj <info@excellplus.com>
Date : Tue May 2 12:01:58 2000

Friend and colleague of Andrew and Darren - we are interested in Y2K solutions.

From : Bill Kay<sunny16@idt.net>
Date : Tue May 2 12:00:16 2000

Your pages are very informative.I have been shooting with a Canon 10 eos and a Tamron 28-200.I do ok in club competition but there is something missing in the &quot;fun&quot;of shooting.I just aquired an M3ds with a 50 1.4 summilux.The pictures from the first roll blew my socks off.The color is different than the Tamron.More saturated and beautiful.The sharpness is as good as my Linhoff 220.Who ever said the summilux is second to summicron,must be using a microscope or something.I cant tell.Also,just using a manual camera of leica quality gives me a feeling of accomplishment.I HAVE to think about the photo,not just grab it.I plan to buy a used 35m 2.0 summicron.Would I,as an amateur,see the difference between the reg.35 and the asph.35?Anyway I love the m3.What is your opinion of leica lenses vs contax ?Thanks for your time,Bill Kay

From : Cool spot<coolspot@netnoise.net>
Date : Tue May 2 11:59:08 2000

Wow. This page Rocks!. Was wondering if you guys could point to more Photography/Design/Technology Influenced Pages around the Net. Thanks. : P

From : Jason Lam<jay_lam@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue May 2 11:57:46 2000

Very impressive! Keep up the good work!

From : medeh<medeh97@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue May 2 11:56:17 2000

really kool stuff...

From : Shiva Mahaii <shiva@orion.ufrgs.br>
Date : Tue May 2 11:54:38 2000

My name is Daniel, and I'm a Brazilian student in the areas of photography and digital imaging. I have found your website almost by chance, when doing a net query about fisheye lenses. Man, that's great! And it's hard to find a site that can steal me some words of appreciation. But the main reason I'm surprised is the fact of finding such a richful content made in Malaysia! That makes me so darn happy, because I work in a research center here in Brasil that studies exactly that: experimental and applied Photography. It's extremely pleasent to see that there's efforts like ours spread around the globe. Let's exchange some of our knowledge! We make research on optimization in B&W processing (harmonization of film negatives), and we also create digital panoramas with new technologies of image seaming.

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