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From : AainaalyaA<
Date : Tue May 2 11:06:09 2000

Bravo Malaysia! Finally there is one site that has encited some surprise for my eyes. Thank you for such a lovely presentation.

From : Wong Yik-Kae.<wongyikk@pilot.msu.edu>
Date : Tue May 2 11:02:48 2000

Creative, informative and outstanding. These are the 3 words of expressing my feedback about your web site. It has been a pleasure to learn, read and know about MIR. I made a 2 hour visit on MIR and I was caught by Dato' Abdullah Ahmad's 'From The UN'. All the very best to MIR and hopefully it will emerge as world wide succesful web site.....


From : Puvan J Selvanathan <pjszone@pc.jaring.my>
Date : Tue May 2 11:01:28 2000

Not bad, really. Much better than the standard (incredibly tedious and ploddingly designed) sites that usually carry a 'Malaysia' tag. Could be world-class, just need a few solid contributions. Good luck.

From : JFJones <jjones@kodak.com>
Date : Tue May 2 11:00:09 2000

Thank you for the excellent Hasselblad and Nikon Pictorial History Pages. The Carl Zeiss Page is also most interesting. JJ

From : Mohd Fitri Ibrahim<fitri_ibrahim@astro.com.my>
Date : Tue May 2 10:59:11 2000

Nice homepage. Thumbs up...tq

From : Pekka Nikrus <pnikrus@uiah.fi>
Date : Tue May 2 10:57:49 2000

interesting! A nice, simple but functional site that has a kind of elegance that suits the pictures very well

From : Steve Grant<S.R.Grant@massey.ac.nz>
Date : Tue May 2 10:55:04 2000

You have put together a beautiful, artistic, intelligent web site. Keep it up. You deserve a lot of work to come your way. Regards Steve.

From : ks <kimseng@asiaconnect.com.my>
Date : Tue May 2 10:50:17 2000

cool graphics, very infomative! :)

From : Devin Muldoon<kmuldoon@gte.net>
Date : Tue May 2 10:48:26 2000

I wanted to thank you for taking time to write your photograph resource page. I recently purchased a fully automated SLR camera and am now looking forward to discovering manual photography. Your web site answered many of my questions in a real-world fashion. Thanks a bunch! Kevin Muldoon

From : Barry J. Colquhoun ARPS<bjc.albaco@cyberscape.net>
Date : Tue May 2 10:46:51 2000

Simply the BEST site I have ever visited, thank you.

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