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From : Jerry Hails <Jaybooze@fsbdial.co.uk>
Date : Tue Jun 20 12:00:53 2000

Amost impressive and informative site for a Canon enthusiast like me. It never ceases to be interesting. Thanks, Jerry.

From : Larry Hoffer<LBHoffer@aol.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:57:45 2000

I think you have created a terrific web site - in particular interest to me is your Canon FD lenses and Canon F-1 information site. Your work is being greatly appreciated by many. When you undertook this venture a couple of years ago, I can't imagine how many people would be using it. I assume that you are in Malaysia - your photographs are excellent (assuming that they are yours.) Thank you. - Larry Hoffer Denver, Colorado USA - p.s. recommendations - make your &quot;trading zone&quot; searchable.

From : Koo Hang Boon (Mr.) <Webmaster@AwesomeLife.Com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:55:26 2000

A very impressive Malaysia website. Way to go and keep it up. Regards.

From : Singapore-Best.Com<webmaster@singapore-best.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:53:36 2000

Congratulations on a very beautiful, creative and informative website. Keep up the good work.

From : Jusko<jusko@sinatown.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:51:11 2000

I am a Nikon lover and I find your site a great boon to me. I enjoy very much browsing your site. I can find almost everything I need about nikon !

From : Eddie<eddieng@refco.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:49:11 2000

Sir, I am from Singapore....your friendly &quot;neighbouring country&quot;. I have visited your site recently and find it excellent. Its got so many educational articles on such a wide variety of topics. Congratulations! It's on my list of favourite links together with asiaphoto.com

Politics aside, I find the articles extremely well researched and written. The quality of your photo portfolios are very professional as well.


From : Jeremy Kolonay<kolonay@dragg.net>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:46:26 2000

I would just like to say that I think you deserve the award for &quot;Web Resource of Eternity&quot; award! Your web site is the single most useful website on the internet that I have happened upon! Thank you!

I know that all seems a bit over dramatic, but I do really appreciate your Canon web site... Roughly two years ago, my father passed away. i didn't know him very well, as my parents divorced when I was two. In his will, he left to me a Canon AE1 w/ a 50mm, 135mm, and a 100-300mm tele lens. The outfit also included a flash that I could never get working, as well as a light meter, and other miscellaneous articles. I however did not
have instructions. My mother had informed me that she had purchased this camera outfit for him as a Christmas gift the same year I was born (1979). This kinda made it special, despite the fact I didn't know how to operate the thing!

Well, one day, I decided to try and do some research to get an idea of how much it was worth, and other stuff, and I stumbled onto your site. Since then, you're site has made me a fanatic about Canon A series cameras! I now own my AE1 and I have an A! and AE1P on their way! I've decided to collect the whole series, as the remaining bodies are rather cheap in America.

Your website is invaluable. It has taught me much about these cameras, as well as some basic photography principles. I plan on one day visiting and saving every page devoted to Canon FD/A series equipment you've got and writing it to a CD in the unlikely event you should close the site.

This is the single greatest Canon A series reference tool available! I really appreciate the work you've put into this site. It has introduced me to a whole new hobby that both me and my girfriend take an active interest in.

Thanks again for the hard work! - Jeremy Kolonay -

From : AndrÈ Luck<andre.luck@totalise.co.uk>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:21:29 2000

Just a note of thanks to the creators of this site. As a consequence of finding it, I am now the proud owner of a T90 - and a wonderful camera it is.

From : Lisa Angelina <lisa_a_howell@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:19:29 2000

I commend you highly for the time and effort you have put in to your photography web site. It is by far the most impressive site I have seen in a very, very long time. Its also an invaluable resource to me as a photographer, I am always learning something in your pages. Keep up the great work. I have two concerns for you today.... one is a file that could not be located on the server that I am very interested in having. There is a link on the FM shutter mechanism page that leads to a PDF file called flowchartshutter.pdf. I tried downloading it, but the file was not found. Do you still have this file available? Finally, I really enjoy looking at the photos in the galleries of your featured photographers. I have looked through most of them, and there are many, but one thing struck me as a little strange. I did not see a single female photographer's work featured on your pages. I am not a militant feminist or anything, but since the perception and conception of the art takes place in the artists eye, you must admit that men and women take decidedly different photos. I just found it strange....Anyway... great work.... let me know if I can find the flowchartshutter.pdf file somewhere on your site... peace, -Lisa Angelina Howell-

From : Aaron Rust<agrust@iafrica.com.na>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:14:56 2000

Incredible site!
In 1995 I bought a Nikon FG - my first slr for a 10 day trip to Africa. Oct. 99 i moved to africa. I have fell in love with photography and would like to expand my shooting. I shoot 4-6 rolls a week but it is getting addictive and shoot more and more every day. I have a little spending cash and want some advice. My current lenses are the 28/50/70-210 all nikon &quot;e&quot; lenses. I have a sb15 flash and a MD-E. I like outdoors shooting and do a lot of faces of people. I was thinking of getting like a fm2/fm2n or somthing like that for a second outfit for slides and Black
and White so I don't ty up my fg. But wonder if I might be better served with a better lense ~ or are these &quot;e&quot; series ok? What do you think? I may just go for accesories that I don't have like a new tripod - mine is trash - filters and the like.

Thanks Aaron

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