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From : alan<alantan@flashmail.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:10:35 2000

This is a very informative page and I have spent quite sometime in it. But I cannot find out what I am looking for. I have a Nikkormat given to me years back and I also left it unattended for that period. The other day I was going through my sheft and came across it. As it was unattended for years and with the Malasyia climate you know what has happened. Can you give me some information where I can get a good shop to service it. I guess it is still in a good condition.


From : Sean Konkolics<skonkolics@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:08:00 2000

Thank you so much for providing such a great resource! I own a canon ae-1 and various lenses and this site has been such an inspiration when I hit a mental block creativity-wise. when I am on holidays from university (June-july & then for the Olympics; I live in Sydney) i will try to get my site up and running and this will be at the top of my list for the links section. it is also good to see that such a site can cater for many different. systems other than just for one type only.no matter what system one uses, we use them all for the same reason; to take pictures and share the joy of them with others. good luck and i wish everyone at mir.com all the success they deserve! sean.

From : Charles Charalambous <anemos@subdimension.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 11:01:46 2000

An Extremely well designed site regarding everything about nikon. most of the pages cannot be more detailed. Nikon ,the company, must study your work. a Perfect site , in every way ...Bravo

Charis Charalambous

From : mimi <mimihamimah@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 10:53:38 2000

Nice and beautiful work. Wish you good luck in your career.

From : Dawn<dmax3860@yahoo.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 10:50:17 2000

This is a great web site. My beloved Nikon EM was stolen in September 98, and going through your web site made me realize again how much I miss that camera. I have a new camera, but it can never really replace the EM.

From : sabrina<gadis_biasa@hotmail.com>
Date : Tue Jun 20 10:47:49 2000

First, thanks for create a good site. It's good to people especially student like me. Melihat keindahan gambar-gambar yang dipaparkan saya rasa bertuah lahir dari sebuah negara yang begitu indah dan harmoni. En.Mir memang seorang anak jati yang berwibawa.... Hope U success in your life..

From : Daniel Edberg<daniel.edberg@swipnet.se>
Date : Tue Jun 20 09:41:08 2000

Your site is the best I have ever seen during my ten years of surfing the net. It is both informative and well written, wich makes browsing a mere pleasure. Thanks to your site I have rediscovered my old Canon T50 and learned a lot about photography. With kind regards from Sweden.
Daniel Edberg, Sweden

From : slava
Date : Wed May 3 13:00:25 2000

thank you

From : andriana<buni_asmara@plasa.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:59:48 2000


From : kenny Yap<yapkenny@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:58:01 2000

This is really &quot;the site&quot; for photography. Please do visit my site for further enlightenment.

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