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From : Muid Latif<muidlatif@designer.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:55:37 2000

Well done guys. Great website... please use Flash for your intro ! :) anyway, I just got this website from TheWeb Preview. Anyway, feel free to drop by my website as well. Wait, one more tihng, to the webmaster (of this website), how you do that program for the guestbook msql format, so what that language/program stands for? Ciao!

From : Hafizah Hashim<hafizah_hashim@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:53:53 2000

Great website!!!...

From : Raymond Siow<tongw@pd.jaring.my>
Date : Wed May 3 12:52:57 2000

Keep it up. Good work

From : John Fry<jffry@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:51:52 2000

Hello, my name is John Fry, and I live in Dallas, Tx.. Just wanted to you to know that there are many, many &quot;Canon People&quot; out here in cyberland, that really appreciate what you have done for us! I am a commercial photographer here in Dallas, and I use 2 T90s and an F1n. It is so great to be able to look up your site whenever I need information about my equipment. You have saved my ass several times; keep up the great work..regards,j.f.f. (jffry@hotmail.com)

From : Kenneth Kuo<paradiso@primus.ca>
Date : Wed May 3 12:51:04 2000

Just want to commend you on an excellent website for all photo enthusiasts worldwide, but in particular for Nikon and Pentax users. I've been a Pentax user since as a teenager learning photography, and eventually reached the Pentax pinnacle ...... the LX system. Now as I'm &quot;aging&quot; in my 30's, I switched to Nikon (but kept my LX system). Anyway, your page offers so much enjoyable info and commentaries to read, enough to keep both my Pentax/Nikon personalities happy. Especially great are the writeups on the LX system ...... best on Net !! Also excellent is Michael Liu's work on the Nikon classics/modern SLR profiles. ‹ I can go on giving praises for all the other contents on your site but perhaps I'll express that by simply visiting regularly. ‹
Great shooting, ‹
Kenneth Kuo
Vancouver, British Columbia

From : atikah<veepy@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:50:18 2000

oh my god!!!! it's marvellous, now that i had visited ur website, i tell u what, i'm dying to work with u, i'll make u a good partner and yes... u will
never regret it... one big tree shall provide a shelter to me, a comfy one!

From : Bing Wang<zbwang@msn.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:49:20 2000

Your guys have done a great job. You put Nikon Company's website in the shame. They do not provide enough information for the nikon users. I did not see why Nikon Company can not offer the on-line manuals for every Nikon models they made.

From : Jarl Peterson <jalle@beta.telenordia.se>
Date : Wed May 3 12:48:00 2000

Hej! I have visit you new Nikon F3 site. A very good site has been made better. You really have lived up to your words 'making the web work positively, one byte at a time'. Yes, indeed. I have return many times to your site passing the time and I look forward to do it in the‹future. Warm regards
Jarl Peterson, Sweden

From : Adam Bulharowski<abulhar@yahoo.com>
Date : Wed May 3 12:46:56 2000

I recently found a used Nikon FA in mint condition which I bought for my wife. A user manual was not included, but while searching the web for
information regarding operation of the FA, I discovered your site. I must tell you that I am thoroughly impressed with the wealth of information,
not only for the FA, but also for so many other Nikon models. I own an FM2 and a Nikkormat FTn as well, and you can be assured that I will be
visiting your site often, for I haven't even begun to explore its riches. I will also be telling my local photo shop people about it. Thanks for your
great service. Adam

From : Luis Parente <luisparente@mail.telepac.pt>
Date : Wed May 3 12:46:07 2000

Hello, Nice site you have here ! Yesterday I bought a Canon new F1 and here I find all information I need to better understand the machine. Keep on the good work. Luis Parente from Portugal

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