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From : michael Chick<
Date : Wed May 3 11:05:10 2000

Great to see one of the few decent looking web sites on our local shores. Please contact me for a sample portfolio. PS> please say hi to david lok for me. PPS. regards to jen siow. Signing out... Michael Chick -012-289 4641-

From : kuyeekee<kuyeekee@yahoo.com>
Date : Wed May 3 11:04:13 2000

hi! I am quite amazed to see such a well-designed-website for this club. I would like to congratulate all the people involve in making this website a successful one. I am an architecture student from University Technology of Malaysia....being a trained architect,photography has been taught in all architectural schools as a medium of communication, but yet I didn't see any evolvement of architects or subjects related to architecture in this club. Would you consider having more Malaysian Architecture subject and encourage more architects to participate in this club..I for one would like to join in and I am an avid photographer of the conservation shophouses issues in Malaysia. How can I do that?

From : Liv<livhz@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 11:02:41 2000

Hi Mir!!! Now I have visited your page, but I didn't find your picture. You got a very nice page, with many beautiful pictures. It was nice chatting with you... Regards from -liven- (from norway) :o)

From : MCLau <mclau@pc.jaring.my>
Date : Wed May 3 11:01:12 2000

Hey, MIR staffs, recently, a well respectable camera reviewer replied me as such &quot;... MIME-Version: 1.0 >To: MC Lau >Subject: Re: Fwd: Johnston's lens ramblings >MC, Yes, you may reproduce or republish my article in your site of choice. I only ask that you credit me and >that you mention the magazine's website, www.phototechmag.com. >I know your Photography in Malaysia website quite well and it is excellent ! Malaysia is honored ! >Thanks, --Mike--&quot; I thought all your hardwork are being appreciated all the time by many others on the Network, keep the true spirit going !

From : GenHolst <centurywoods@netscape.net>
Date : Wed May 3 10:59:55 2000

Some fellow members of our user's group ranked highly of your site. Some even rate yours among top 3 best-of-web content website on the Net relating to camera information. Although I had my reservation earlier but after browsing through Photography in Malaysia for the last eight days, I have to admit you had constructed one of the best photographic site on the net - it is addictive and filled with so much of original content. I have picked up many useful information in your site over the days and I think it is appropriate for me to leave you a thank you note for all your hardwork, energy and passion towards photography with the creation of this marvelous site - especially from someone that I don't even know how he looks like and from a far away country sounded so remote to me called Malaysia. Thank you.

P.A. I am not so sure whether are you actually anti-westerners, but I do think you are very patriotic as a Malaysian. Peace !

From : Chun Haw<chloo@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:58:42 2000

Can't believe it. Finally Malaysian has come out with a very competitive work. Well done, and keep in touch. Hope to see more in the next visit.

From : Anne Majerik<anne@velocity.net>
Date : Wed May 3 10:57:23 2000

i just wanted to THANK you very much for the wonderful, thorough, attractive and well thought out site for the Nikon F3. I just bought a used one and stumbled onto your site. I have found it invaluable and a great source of information..... alot of hard work must have gone into it, so i wanted to take a moment and relay appreciation and thanks for your efforts.

From : Sanjeev Tripurari<t_sanjeev@yahoo.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:56:08 2000

great going guys....... it was amazing touring your site.......... my special thanks to the friends who forwarded this site... mail me with coming ups...wishes always with you.....

From : danny <wdanny@mailcity.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:55:11 2000

will u comment our club future homepage fotografi ibii(FOBI),member of FPSI (Federation Photography Society Indonesia)/Federasi Salon Foto Indonesia FPSI member of FIAP. your home page is so knowledgeable

From : Suzanne England<sengland@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu>
Date : Wed May 3 10:53:56 2000

Just want to express my appreciation and gratitude for this site. I just got a used Nikon FA thru eBay and had no idea what to do with it. YOur wonderful instructions led me gently through the process of getting acquainted with it. Thanks so much!

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