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From : Charles L. Ervin<cervin@pop.mail.rcn.net>
Date : Wed May 3 10:36:34 2000

I just wanted to express my admiration and appreciation for the really excellent work you've done to create a web site for the classic Canon camera systems and particularly for the F-1 and A-1. I happened onto it by accident while looking for parts. I've just spent about 2 hours reviewing F-1 and A-1 information. I could hardly believe the wealth of information you've compiled. As someone who has been involved in photography for over 40 years, and computers for over 30 years, I recognize the enormous amount of work you've invested in this excellent resource center for users of the classic Canon camera system.

From : sebol
Date : Wed May 3 10:34:43 2000

Your page is kewl

From : Carlos Rivera<cc37a@aol.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:33:31 2000

The best site by far, on all Nikon and Canon, and your insights are invaluable. I would love to see what you have done for the Canon T50 and T70, also done for the Nikon N2000 and N2020. Although not mentioned much, they are used widely in the U.S. Your work is very impresive. Thanks for providing this site. Carlos.

From : Yuvensius D. Santoso<ysantoso@caltexssc.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:31:57 2000

Great web site and very cool. Keep up the good work and thumb up for the administrator.

From : Paul Ephron<phephron@rota.med.navy.mil>
Date : Wed May 3 10:30:01 2000

To the producers of the Classic camera sections (specifically the Nikon F3)... What a wonderful resource. Better than the owners' manual! Great comments, photos, and useful information. Thank you, thank you. Keep up the great work.

From : The maker of Ning Baizura Hamzah Unofficial Homepage<wrahim2@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:28:41 2000

To all involvers in 'Photograpy in Malaysia'...seeing the work of yours make me proud to be a Malaysian....Congrats to all!!!

From : Eddie Fowles <Flyingef@aol.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:26:11 2000

"Photography in Malaysia;, has proved to be a wonderful resource for classic Canon camera fans. The Nikon information is equally as great. I am interested in the F1/F1n. Anyone with clean F1/F1n, and AE1/AE1p equipment may email me. Please keep up the good work. Kindly, Eddie Fowles San Diego, Califonia USA

From : Wolfgang Paul Klauer<pintcher@smartnet.co.za>
Date : Wed May 3 10:25:02 2000

Congratulations to Leo and others at "Photgraphy in Malaysia": This is a marvel site, giving wonderful information and much, much more. I came back again and again because of your information on Nikon, as Walter Pietsch's site is not any longer up to date. Please carry on with your high quality achievement on the net. Kind regards

From : F Kusasi<fkusasi@hotmail.com>
Date : Wed May 3 10:23:48 2000

Hola Lot's of thing I can take from this site, the composition, the interactive gagets. The picture also in good quality. I wonder what scanner did u use.....? Hasta luego amigo

From : Mark Fallander<mark@globalphoto.com.my>
Date : Wed May 3 10:22:24 2000

To Leo and others at "Photgraphy in Malaysia" well done. This is one of the finest and extensive sites I've found. Beautifully designed and full of information, not to mention the great pictures. I just love looking at other photographers images and here they are so well displayed. Its also easy to navigate and my browser likes it for some reason, I rarely get disconnected. Thanks to everybody who is associated with putting this site together.

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