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Since independence 1957, Malaysia has industrialised itself dramatically to achieve a high standard of living fit for her citizens. As the nation moved forward, so is the economy progresses to seek and sustain prosperity in global landscape.

In view of this, MIR has collaborated with World'Vest Base, Inc to provide fundamental information of the corporations and businesses that have helped Malaysia in every aspect of the economy. By no means exhaustive, the site - - features a large archive and collection of concise company financials, reconciled to provide investors with an overview of the financial performance achieved by Malaysian business communities.

In addition, a new hyperlink repository section has been created to provide an easy access for locals and foreigners to Malaysian online resources. For the moment, MIR Directory features growing list of web sites dedicated to the following area of interests:
   - Government of Malaysia
   - Doing business in Malaysia
   - Travelling in Malaysia
   - Living in Malaysia
   - Studying in Malaysia & Malaysian Education
   - General Information of Malaysia
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