Implementation and Coordination Machinery

National Economic Recovery Plan
Chapter 8


All the actions that have been agreed to must be implemented without any undue delay. A heightened sense of urgency should prevail. Taking decisive action and implementing the decisions decisively and with the minimum amount of delay must be on integral part of the National Economic Recovery Plan. Delays in implementation will lead to delays in the recovery. This must be avoided at all costs. In implementing the decisions some unanticipated problems may surface. These problems must be overcome with the minimum amount of delay too. The problems must not be allowed to accumulate and fester.

As implementation of the actions will require co-ordination, the effective and continuous co-operation between agencies will be a necessity. The implementation of the Recovery Plan, therefore, will need the full co-operation and commitment from central agencies, Ministries and the State Government.

The pace of the progress made in economic recovery will be determined by the speed with which the measures have been implemented. An assessment must be made of the progress that has been achieved in implementing the decisions. There must also be feedback from the agencies responsible for the implementation of the measures. In monitoring and assessing progress there should be a combination of a rolling or continuous and a phased approach. The rolling approach involves a continuous approach i.e. an assessment made without a break. The phased approach would require a regular, systematic assessment at a particular point in time or calendar year.

Agencies must be given clear deadlines for the implementation of decisions and in submitting their progress reports. These deadlines must be adhered to.

At each meeting of the Executive Council of the National Economic Action Council the progress in implementing the decisions should be made part of the Council's agenda. An assessment of the progress in implementing the decisions taken under the Plan should be made in September 1998 before the finalisation of Budget, 1999. In 1999 the assessment should be done on a quarterly basis.

Economic Planning Unit
Prime Ministerís Department
21 July, 1998

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