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APRIL 1998

Unfavourable developments on corporate, interest rates, currencies and external economies (April 6)

Market to drift lower due to Yen and local corporate factors (April 13)

Another round of S&P's rating cut, corporate bailout roils investors (April 20)

Watch for leads in the currency market (April 29)

MAY 1998

Mildly positive industry developments but these won't lift market sentiment (May 4)

Focus is on some major corporate developments (May 12)

Watch the ringgit behaviour, Tenaga Nasional's results dampener (May 18)

Last week's false breakout portends short-term weakness (May 25)

JUNE 1998

Economy shrinks in 1Q, showdown on monetary policy looms (June 1)

Currency and domestic political upheavals (June 8)

The Short-term and Long-term Scenarios (June 22)

Still plenty of reasons to be bearish, but all is not lost (June 29)

July 1998 onwards

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