Apple's 20th Anniversary Mac Model
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Back in 1997/1998. Apple introduced a Mac model that deprived from one of their Advance Industrial Group design. We have one in our office. Perhaps many current Mac users don't have an opportunity of how it looks. We created a brief profile here in MPUG-Malaysia to share a product of a moment of brilliance of an idea back in 1998.

Although in terms of raw performance, the 20th Anniversary Mac may fall short as compared to modern day's range of high performance Mac(s), but some of the technologies deployed and other features found inside this very unique-looked Apple's model can be still regarded as unchallenged even by modern standard of a 2005's Mac. Riding on the current successes; in another few years time, Apple will be entering its 30th Anniversary, perhaps, another Mac classic will surface again.

<<<--- How often do you come across a Mac that has a detachable keyboard with a removable, sensor-touch Track Pad ?

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Mac border line NOTE: - Here in this site, I would rather treat this as a Photo Profile rather than trying to create a review, technical discussion or something like that because it serves no purpose at all as this limited edition of Twentieth Anniversary Mac model is an obsolete model now. So, just enjoy the visual and occasionally observe the details, exterior design/appearance and some of the detailed area I photographed in its network connections and exterior audio peripherals etc. don't mail and ask others technical stuffs or prices etc. ..because that is not my area of interest & neither I have the technical capability to answer those questions, Thank You.