4 April 1999

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It would have been better if the UN could do it but, alas after its debacle in Bosnia it finds itself sidelines more than ever, commenting on events without affecting them.

The question is can Nato prevail?

Henry Kissinger, who had questioned the wisdom of the military action before it began, said the US and Nato would have to take whatever measures were necessary, even reluctantly introducing American and Nato ground forces if it was the only way to win.

He stressed: "Milosevic cannot be allowed to claim the head of Nato."

I do not believe smart bombs alone could win the war in Yugoslavia nor deter Milosevic's intent to finish off the Albanian population in Kosovo and turn it into an empty landscape.

As I write this (Tuesday March 30) Milosevic has won the war on the ground.

Limited damage by air strikes is not enough. Indeed it had created greater mayhem in Kosovo.

Something should be done quickly before it is too late.

What is the use of destroying the Yugoslavia war machine after it had completed its ethnic cleansing in Kosovo?

I agree absolutely with President Clinton when he said: "What if someone had listened to Winston Churchill and stood up to Adolf Hitler earlier?"

I do not believe this is a Clintonian overstatement nor is he comparing himself with Churchill - they are two different persons except that like Churchill, he too loves cigars!

Critics have also said that Nato is responsible for the latest ethnic cleansing, it has to be expected as an answer to Nato's bombing.

Well, now that Milosevic has chosen the holocaust path. Nato has no alternative but to punish him swiftly.

Germany and Japan are keen to be permanent members of the security council though there is strong opposition against them. I am glad to note that Germany's new socialist leadership, Chancellor Schroeder who grew up after Hitler, is now ready to take its proper place as one of Nato's leading members.

German contribution to Nato's efforts in the Yugoslav assignment is well noted, which brings me to Japan.

Asian economy cannot rebound quickly without a strong, helpful and confident Japanese leadership and contribution.

All Asia and the developing world are watching whether Japan, like Germany is ready to be a world leading player.

Action speaks louder than words and pledges.

Malaysia's endorsement of Nato's role in Yugoslavia, I would like to repeat, is based on the principle that no one nation should kill its own people of other ethnic origins in order to make it homogenous. Nato can and must stop the genocide by Milosevic of what is left of the Albanians in Kosovo.

It is justified as an exceptional measure to prevent an overwhelmingly imminent humanitarian catastrophe.