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It may not be approprite to refer Perak Cave as a Budhhist or Taoist temple. Instead, I would rather termed it as another cultural and Heritage center for Malaysian Chinese. I guess the artful showcase and natural limestone cave formation present a stronger selling element in its presence as in tourist hot spot. The temple maintenance and development has to go on fro here, but as most cave temples are more or less self dependance rather than relying on governmental subsidies, I would like to see more visitors donote generously so as to ensure all these original historical pieces be maintained for our next generation to appreciate their existance.

During my recent short stay, I notice the temple's reception are requesting donors (see the attached picture of a roof tile written in Thai); so, I guess another round of fund raising must be on; alsthough it is good to add more addtions to the otherwise spacious compound, but if just to please visitors and add another few Thai or Burmsese Buddha images inside, that may not be all appropriate to mix everything in. I sincerely hope its origional taste be maintained.

Heritage site, Railway station, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia Site LINK

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