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Interesting places to visit in Asia

Facinating Malaysian Landamrks Series by MIR
A warmth reminder:- Some sites here carry some religious flavor

KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers / Suria Shooping Mall / Maxis Building / KL Convention Centre) link icon   The landing pad for Swan  - Sibu, Sarawak link icon   Current work OFfice of former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Perdana Library link icon





SURIA-KLCC / Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The pad for Swan. Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia


Perdana Leadership Library, Putrajaja, Malaysia

Local landmarks with Religious Content ..

The Thaipusam Festival and Batu Caves   Buddhist Temple with hundreds of Buddha Images in Ipoh, Wat Mek prasit   The Temple with mystical LIFTING BUDDHA to experience in Penang





The Batu Caves and Thaipusam Festival


A Siamese Buddhist temple with Indian influence in Ipoh


Wat Bupphara, Temple of Lifting Buddha, Penang

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple with International Buddha images exhibits   Buddhist Temple in Penang with Reclining Buddha Image, Wat Chaiyamangalaram   A Buddhist Thai Temple beside A Islamic Mosque in Harmony - Wat meh liew - Kuala Lumpur





A Burmese Temple origin at Penang, Malaysia


Wat Chaiya Mangalaram, Penang with Reclining Buddha


Religious Harmony, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Xian SI SHIYE Temple, Kuala Lumpur LINK   Buddhist Temple in Penang with Reclining Buddha Image, Wat Chaiyamangalaram   A Buddhist Thai Temple beside A Islamic Mosque in Harmony - Wat meh liew - Kuala Lumpur





A Burmese Temple origin at Penang, Malaysia


Wat Chaiya Mangalaram, Penang with Reclining Buddha


Religious Harmony, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Others: - Interesting Buddhist Landmarks in Asia

Thailand Link Burma / Mynamar Link Cambodia Link China Link Malaysia Link

Bangkok | Chiangmai | Other areas in Thailand | Burma (Myanmar) / Cambodia | China | Malaysia

Asian Landamrks Series by MIR

Most favored Tour Destinations in Asia:
The Tourist Hot Spots in Asia by Official Ranking, Business destinations and personal journeys
1. China, 2. Malaysia, 3. Indonesia, 4. Thailand, 5. Singapore 6.Philippine,
7.Taiwan, 8. Hong Kong, 9. Japan, 10. Australia.

Favorite destinations outside Asia. 1. London, UK; 2. USA, 3. Paris (other EU countries)

(Source: Asia Life style Magazine Inc.)

Remarks:- people are flocking into visit Malaysia but strangely, many Malaysian prefer going out rather than visiting our own local highlights...looks like we are very adventurous huh ?

Myanmar - land of the fall and rise  

Huang San , China link icon

  Sibu, Sarawak link icon

Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma)


Huang Shan, China


The Kingdom of Cambodia

Chiangmai link icon   A tempe and monk which practices Ancient Lanna style teaching, Thailand link icon   Wat Keschaiyo, birthpalce of the famed Soomdet Keschaiyo amulet, Anthong, Thailand link icon

Chiangmai, Thailand


An unique Buddhist temple (Wat) with a raw ancient Lanna practice


Wat Keschaiyo, Anthong, Thailand


The location of the great Luang Phor Sodh, reinventing the art of Dhama Style meditation method at  Wat Pak Nam, Bhasicharoen, Bangkok


Warnng:- Some sites here carry religious flavor

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Wat Pak Nam BhsasiCharoen, Bangkok, Thailand




Wat IN (Inthraviharn), Bangkok, Thailand ...   Wat SUTHAT, Bangkok, Thailand  
Wat Inthravihan, Bangkok or more affectionately referred by local as Wat IN has a long history and Soomdej Toh used to serve here (In fact, the great Thai Buddhist Gury passed away in this temple). The giant scale Luang Phor To is a distinctive icon of this temple at Banglumpho area (Banghkhunprom). The Wat Suthat, famous for its bronze cast Phra Kring has a few very beautiful Bronze Buddha Statue inside. Both the 600+ years old Phra Sri Sakayamuni as well as Phra Buddha Trilokachet have a direct association with a few Thai Kings in their existence in this temple.


The Malaysian Landmark Series was an original conceptual idea initiated by Malaysian Internet Resources (MIR.com.my).
Many of you do know the photography section has been well received as a source of information relating to camera equipment Although personally I would think its is still far from reaching a perfect state but over the years, I do realize a fact that solely based on personal effort, development of the site may not be able to catch up with ever changing in the market (as well as expectation of web users'). Further, the over emphasis on global appeal in content development often leads to less attentive to local photographers desire to see MIR b able to provide a channel for them to express their views, thought ad photographic vision via the web medium. Recently, I have diverted most of my attention back in helping MIR to further strengthen its position in the commercial but I thought may be the time is right for us to lay off in sole effort to carry on with content development That was essentially why many of the section in the photographic site have been assigned to a few local enthusiasts in volunteering helping us to take over sections of the site.

A recent commercial engagement on a MIR web project has prompted me to help my staffs to take over photography on location. It was tiring, no doubt. But when after the photos were processed, I realize some of the images taken were not particularly suitable for web publishing as most corporate web sites do not permit free-use of perspectives and over played picture angles . The wasteful ones, I thought may be good enough for personal use - instead of the normal way of using them to supplement the various web ages in relation to camera and lenses, I compiled them orderly to create a specific photo showcase of the place I visited during the assignment. That was how the first of the Malaysian Landmark series, Perdana Leadership Foundation was created. Subsequently, when my designers in FFCM were seeking my help to locate a suitable KLCC pictures, all of a sudden the idea of creating the second series cropped up from my mind. I ticked though my folders on KLCC, usable pictures on this specific subject were adequate, so, there come the second series. The third part, Sibu Series was arise after MIR was invited to jointly organized a Trade fair in Sibu by the Rimbungan Hijau Group, I took a day roaming around the city and got a pot-ful of images to start the third part.


Simple. I would assume everyone has a specific interest in something, regardless in nature, scenic, culture or even sports and other recreational hobbies. Malaysia is quite diverse in all of these core areas. Next, geographical location is another issue where each of my fellow countrymen who may has specific skill-set or interest could be just disperse around the entire country. Take the Sibu Series for an example, the "A day in the life of Sibu" is simply from the perspective of a man who happened to be there for a day - let me ask you this - HOW CAN I be more knowledgeable than a native Sibu folk in able to portray Sibu rightfully ? So, the idea behind the Malaysian Landmark Series actually serves as a platform for the local enthusiasts (or even casual shooters) in able to have a public medium to express their deepest sense of their hometown to others outside the geographical boundaries. I have a sense of guilt because it might not be fair for me to use the convenience I have being a web operator to use the medium to picture the city from a casual visitor. SO, isn't it rightfully photo-kaki be the one to do this ?

Admittedly, to most recreational Malaysian, photography does not generate $revenue on its own unless a platform is prepared for such purpose. So, the question of how to strike a balance between recreational hobby with dollar & cents has popped up from my mind. Ideally, good pictures can be a commodity lie a stock photo agency. But professional agencies handles matter differently, I have an ad agency in producing corporate reports for many PLCs, each year, I have to pay approx. RM40,000-00 just to buy images for desktop publishing - it sounds like a one way traffic because others are using the medium as commodity. So, WHY CAN'T we convert the commodity ourselves ? That was essentially why the www.IMAGES.com.my was created in 2005. So, the Malaysian landmark Series serves as a ladder for those who have he keen interest in striking a good balance of creating income as well as managing their hobbies in the rightful manner. Come to think of it - sometimes, good pictures can be "accidental" creation, so, my personal definition for that is, as long as it is good, why bother care who took that and how it was created ? Workable idea ? Guess so. Failed ? nothing to lose. But as long as I begin, I am determine to MAKE IT WORK.


Errr .. As and when you come across a Malaysian Landmark Series portfolio, dick from your drawer or memory - do you also have something GOOD to show ?
I will use whatever the series as the basis for future development of that particular section. IF you are also good in both photography, web publishing or even just as contributor, try to see f you can be the Maintainer or editor for that specific section as I know if it can only be succeed via collective effort. So, for now, I cannot be traveling all the time, if you are confident of creating a section on your own, talk to me on MIR sponsorship. - be it a variable topic, cities, town or other hobbies. However, as I don't intend to damage our self set minimum standard on ensuring Malaysian uniqueness to be shown in a public medium, we will reserve the right to refuse or overwrite content as well as visuals. Bonus ? You won't know, because all the collective effort will be complied under database of Images.com.my, other than coincidental request of your images, we will also make active marketing on all what we have to offer. Thanks you for reading.

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