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Angie Ng hasn't been on air all that long - a little more than two years, and yet she has become quite literally, the darling of the airways. She is smooth and delicate to Patrick Teoh's hard abrasiveness. Together, they have been pivotal in restoring listener loyalty to RTM.

Born and bred in Penang, she is 23, going on to 24 this September. For someone so eloquent in the English language, Angie was educated in a Chinese school; all the way from kindergarten to Form Five. But English elocution lessons begun early for her. Under the tutelage of her secondary school English teacher she trained for a state elocution contest. She was also out to prove something, that a Chinese school kid can do it too; for seldom do Chinese educated students get into the finals.

After school, Angie had wanted to go to college in the US. She applied for, and got a financial grant but other factors pulled her heartstrings.

"I didn't go partly because I was working in this advertising company in Penang and I felt I was learning a lot and partly because my dad wasn't very well at that time," she says. "I wasn't ready to leave the family. We're pretty close knitted. So I decided I had to work doubly hard and save up and go on my own later."
Angie Ng picture
She later found a job in Kuala Lumpur. Then, barely nineteen she packed her bags and trudged on down to the big C. "Being on my own for the first time I was hot-blooded and I wanted to go out and enjoy," she relates. "I had my fair share of partying at that time. But I wasn't comfortable with a 9-5 job."

Either a feeling of insecurity or inadequacy, drove her on, for her peers were much older and had paper qualifications. Angie didn't. So she left her job; then bumped around a bit.

But discipline prevailed and she decided to go back to college, enrolling herself into a local institute to do her Bachelor of Business degree. After her first year fate took its course. RTM advertised for disc-jockeys. Angie applied. As she puts it: "When I applied, I was told there were one thousand applicants. They shorlisted four hundred and then when I went for the audition I saw sixty people...familiar faces, people who have been in this line for a while, who graduated from Patrick Teoh's Music Machine. I felt really insecure but I went through it. A few days later they called and said I had gotten the job and I couldn't believe it.

They took about eight of us and a few dropped out after that too. So to this day, I say I was very lucky to get into radio, without prior experience in broadcasting, and being from a Chinese educated background too."

Her stature and maturity belies her age. Underneath that soft, sultry image lies, I suspect, and elegantly disciplined, albeit ferine spirit.

Whilst still in college, she saved to supposedly pay for her studies, But when she had enough, all that cash went towards a bike. A sports cruiser, a Kawasaki RX600.

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