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Aloysius Wong
		Bold Aloysius With a lot of Character

Mr.Aloysius WongI
n one of Aloysius Wong's window displays at his Bold and Character boutique is a cascade of Marilyn Monroe posters and a 1940s glam queen sequinned gown. Barthes' Woman of Fashion is in this window - "what the reader is and what she dreams of being." Norma Jean is in that window, and what Norma Jean dreamt of being, the platinum blonde sex symbol we call Marilyn. Aloysius Wong's couture designs for women pounces upon the anecdotes of mass culture to give us his vision of glamour. And this vision is exuberantly cluttered by accessories, beaded sequins, shine, pearls and boas.
Fashion Collection
Aloysius is a charming, bespectacled person who is often seen in black. His boutique in City Square is a feast for the eyes, and a sort of showcase for the whimsical objects he collects on his travels abroad. A Starship Enterprise telephone; two giant black cupped hands for armchairs; doric pedestals; a stuffed dalmatian; cupid statues; a miniature Venus de Milo; candelabras; lots of fake gilt frames; and lots of chrome. It's kitsch meets glamour. Aloysius loves accessories and goes himself to Italy, Holland, Paris and Australia, to shop for them. "I also like to buy basic hats, and then add touches to them to help complete the look of the line I am working on," he said. "Accessories like handbags, earrings, necklaces, hats, shoes, tights, gloves, scarves, all make a wonderful fashion statement."
Fashion Collection
Who wears his Character line of evening wear? "My clients are usually in the creative industry, for example, advertising people, actors, singers, people who are, or who need to be, flamboyant," he answered. And how! To be able to carry off a Josephine Baker turban with a plume of feather in the front, or a black Vivienne Westwood-like straw hat matched with 150 cm long ribboned gloves. His evening dresses are beautifully conceptualised and no detail is overlooked. In fact he is a personal stylist for more discerning customers who have their own individual style and do not fall prey to the easy cache of western designer brands. "But in general the Malaysian taste in fashion is good but not terribly stylish. They are no trend-setters."

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