In our life, we have experienced sadness and joyful moments.

Joyful Experience

"Nanny and Nagging"
Mama, my grandma always pampered me ever since when I was young. I love her very much even though she loves to nag. Well, as you are getting older, obviously you will start nagging around. But there are times the nags turn out to be a good lesson to us.

My mum is a very strong lady. She might have nag a lot, just like mama (my grandma), but no matter what she always try to get the best for her children.

Part of me
Victor, is my present boyfriend. He always like to look smart and look good. I got to know him while we were studying our Diploma course. It has been 4 years, we have been going out together.

"Langkawi trip"
My company make a trip for all the staff to Langkawi. To tell the truth...even I have been in Malaysia for 23 years, but I hardly wonder around in Malaysia.

"A night stay at Genting Highland"
Recently I went for a night stay at Genting Highland. I went together with my collegues...and obviously all of us are above we get to step into the CASINO!

Sadness Experience

Michael, is a friend of mine who is a very aggressive and supportive boy. But nobody expected him to meet an accident and passed away. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate a website (about the fear of losing a very good friend) to him and all his friends.

'31st August 1997'
All over the world, has turned to sour faces when we heard a news on the 31st August 1997. Yeap. That's Lady Diana. I like the way on how she brings up her life...her outer look! I respect her as she is the "Queen of Hearts'.

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Sadness Experience:
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