Overview  Acknowledgement



to my brain
to my thoughts
to my hands
to my corporeal body
they are always helpful to me

    to a few good people
[you know who you are]
God knows
that I appreciate all your time
and so to your energy


to Karen my thesis advisor
the thoughts you have offered
have enrich my thesis
and you to me are
not just an advisor, but
a generous friend

and to Edmund
it has been so great to know you and I’m glad to be your student as we both love HTML and JAVA scripting. With you, my confidence has been re-born.

to Vivien my thesis writing advisor
I will never forget
the time that I came late to your appointment
at least you can stay cool

    Barb and Hazel
Bruce and Brenden
were always there
to help me

    and again
there are so many names on my mind
that I can’t say today
tomorrow I’ll mention your name

    to my family
strengthen my soul
to God, my saviour
God bless my thesis