Overview  preface


how this thesis began

Studying graphic design has always encouraged me to deal with images. When I receive a new assignment, the first thing I think about is visualising images in my brain. "Image, image and image": that phrase comes to me all twenty four hours of my day. In most situations, images arouse my interest and attract my attention. Images are cool and attractive and bring with them pleasurable elements that add enjoyment.

Today,there have been many critiques made of designers' work, especially with regard to images. Perhaps this is because images are very important: for instance, images can tell a 1001 stories. On the Internet images are in high demand, especially from young educated users.

Images have come a long way in a short time in the Internet's history. Many people say that image on the Internet are crap. I'm not suprised. In the 90s, all kinds of images may be seen...good and bad; decent and indecent; sick and cool; even non-functional, annoying garbage.

I sent some questionnaires to many internet users in New Zealand to ask about the importance of images on an internet site. seventy percent of the respondents in New Zealand stated that they would rather turn the images of the document off to avoid high download charges. However, in Canada and the U.S., 90% of respondents were willing to download the images. Is money a major factor for viewers to consider when visiting Web sites? Let us find the answer in this thesis...