"No doubt Chinese ink painting cannot lack the important element of beauty; but if an art work can only give viewers visual enjoyment, its artistic value would not be long term. Therefore, importance must be placed on thc substance of art works, especially so in contemporary Chinese ink painting.

To portray the spirit of the times, contemporary Chinese ink painting~while emphasizing on the personal style of the artists and the originality of the art pieces, should in addition reflect the living conditions, social phenomenon and the character of the people of the times.

My creation consists of five series. The development from one series to another is the fruit of some self challenge and discipline; it also marks the different stations in my personal journey of thought."

In the creative process, I still hold dear to the concept of contemporary art. Through the free world of painting, I hope to continually express my personal experience and thoughts, to create works rich in contemporary spirit."

Goh Ah Ang, Artist.