P     O    R    T     F     O     L      I     O

          :  N  O  T  I  O  N  :        

ln my early learning process in painting, I had endeavoured to capture the essence of many grand masters whom I admire greatly; and had obtained immense satisfaction in imitating their styles. Admittedly, my teachers, classmates, and other associates had influenced the nature of my painting style.


Later, I pondered at the crossroads of tradition and new creation of my own. I became more adventurous. In order to widen my horizon, I began to paint based on my own ideas, hoping to achieve a breakthrough in techniques and subject matters.

          My travelling is a source of inspiration. The sights and sensation experienced in my travels all over the world have influenced my creativity in painting.

The memorable impressions are created as visual images in my paintings, often through the experimentation of new techniques.


  In 1975, after my solo exhibition in Bangkok, a few Thai artists accompanied me to sketch the unforgetable River Kwai. As I strolled along the bridge after the evening rain, I realised that my long journey in the life of painting had begun that very magical moment. I was so inspired that I went on to paint other scenes in my travels to Cambridge, Australia (penguins and kangaroos), Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Nigara Falls in Canada, Victoria Falls in Africa, Cape Hope (ostriches and volcanic eruptions) and the Himalayas.   


My passion for painting reminds me of lines from Chinese classical poems: "my clothes are getting loose but I shall never regret", ' I trek round the world but I shall never stop'. Although this journey in my world of painting seems lonely and chilly, l still feel increasingly confident as I trudge along my way.

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