I love
I paint flowers, arrange flowers, and draw flowers.
Flowers are considered to be my second life.
Through drawing flowers, I beautify my life and submerge myself into the wonderful world flowers.
Flowers bring tenderness and tranquility to life.

I like to draw sparrows.
Because everywhere I go, I see sparrows.
They are the symbol of life.

They never succumb to environmental difficulties and lead their life as free as others. They are like human beings, able to overcome and conquer nature.
Through drawing sparrows, I am able to manifest the various forms of lifestyles in the human world, promote kindness of human hearts.

I love folk
They are the most original form of arts to depictthe lifestyles of the lands. They provide abundant inspirations for my works. They should be allowed to prosper and grow.

I like to link my drawings to all conventions, natural beauty and all form of arts demonstrated by life activities.

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