"Give your tongue more holidays than your hands and eyes, Amanda"
Everybody turned around as his steps brought him into the classroom with a big smile on his face. The Mathematics Teacher.

Yes, you're right! That's me, the creator of this piece of shit!
When I was in my 2nd year in Malaysian Institute of Art, one of my Graphic Design lecturer finally lost his patience and asked, "Flippin' Heck! Can't you give my ears some rest? I wonder if you ever keep your mouth shut for a minute or two."
Now, have I successfully implanted an impression of me in your mind?

There are only 2 things that can really keep my mouth shut in this world, guess what?

When you're eating? NO!

When you're drinking? Don't think so.

When you're asleep? Good guess! But who knows, I might talk in my sleep!

When you're upset ? Definitely not.

Beep! Time's up. The answer is when I'm in my 'Dump' business every morning and when I'm in a hot and passionate kiss with my man!

Back in Sekinchan, my parents used to wonder what I was in my previous life. Andy, my elder brother, like to take a piss out of me. He reckons that I must be a deaf and bump miserable bitch in my previous life! My elder sister would only laugh or giggle but my younger brother would kicked Andy's ass and ran at his best speed to my mom or dad screaming for help. It is great fun to be at home.

Actually, I don't mind people saying that I'm talkative or noisy or big mouth cos' I enjoy talking and why should we stop doing something which we enjoy? Bollox!


* I am still developing my voice, portfolio and style section. Should be completed anytime soon.

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