A typical Leica modern rangefinder camera for collecter market, LEICA M4 black enamel with M-Noctilux 1.1/50, MR reader and anodized hand grip,  black as Index page photo

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This site is a work from all. With a century-old tradition behind the proud trade name, attempting to tee off even a simple profile on Leica / Leitz cameras/optics may not be an easy task. This site will never be possible if not for the contributions from the respective online stores, personal enthusiasts of Leica system as well as individual collectors. My task is just doing the task of compiling them orderly in the form of an online visual library. This site, along with the Contax/Zeiss is a MUST before attempting to feature development history of other labels. In the photographic world of rangefinder photography, Leica/Leitz - easily can be regarded as the most respectable Icon in this segment of the market & has always remained as the ultimate reference in this rangefinder medium.


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I am not sure if it is a good idea to use some good pictures from volunteering contributors to brighten up the pages.

Something like what I have done with these sites:

Advantage(s): offers exposure for Leica Artists, not so boring to read between the lines but (disadvantage(s)) such inclusion will slow the download time on relevant pages and I have no time to ask around for contributing (good) photos by individual artist(s). Last -
don't know how to reject a less than desirable submission judging from qualitative aspect.

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Credit:- Co-developed with my web buddy Rick_Oleson. THANKS to all the contributors, in particularly Mr. Peter Coeln from LEICA Shop®; Mr. Liu Zan of DigifanCN®, Mr. Kelvin LI & camera$@Ebay in the form of images/pictures acquiring as well as content for their sales which had made up the basis of this visual library. NOTE: certain content and images appeared in this site were either scanned from official marketing leaflets, brochures, sales manuals or publications published by LEICA AG over the years and/or individual contributions from surfers who claimed originality of their work for educational purposes. The creator of the site will not be responsible for any discrepancies that may arise from dispute except rectifying them after verification."LEICA", "Leitz", "E.Ernst Wetzlar", "Velostigmat" & other related trade names used herein are registered trademarks of Leica AG, SOLMS, Germany. Site made with an Apple G5 IMac.