The  APCAM PROFESSIONAL MOTOR DRIVE 500CMX is specially developed for the HASSELBLAD 500C, 500C/M and 503CX cameras. With the winding knob or crank removed from the camera and attaching the Motor Drive in its place, the manual winding Hasselblad 500 series camera is competently transformed into a motorised camera with automatic film advance and shutter tensioning on single exposure at a winding speed of approximately one frame per second.

The Motor Drive 500CMX by its base plate is attached directly to the Hasselblad camera via the 3/8" tripod socket ('/4" on 503CX) with tl4,, securing screw (thread adapter provided) after the drive coupler is positioned against the camera 3-claw winding bayonet. As the camera neck strap lug is covered, the Motor Drive provides a substitute lug and has its own shutter release button to trigger the camera's shutter button for exposure.

Film advancemenUshutter cocking is smooth and even. The Motor Drive 500CMX with its patent-pending electronic stop design does not rely on the camera's mechanical stop. Therefore, this should reduce undue wear on the camera's winding mechanism.

Shutter Cocking-LX Tension-free:

Equally important, this latest APCAM PROMOTOR DRIVE 500CMX leaves absolutely no tension on the camera's shutter cocking LY after motor winding.

The Motor Drive body is anatomically sculptured and designed with true ergonomics for a super well-balanced, steady and very comfortable right-hand grip and working handheld, APCAM PROMOTOR DRIVE greatly alleviates the disruptive basics of manual film advance, thus enhancing overall handling speed and performance. Photographers could get the best of both worlds of manual and motorised operation.

6 AA batteries set in a holder are required to power the Motor Drive. Alkaline or Nicad can be used. A new set of alkaline battery could provide about 1,000 exposures.

Camera type:
Fits all HASSELBLAD 500C. 500CaM & 503CX
Anatomical and ergonomic in design for steady well-balanced right-hand hold with flash shoe
Winding mode: Single frame only with each operation of motor drive shutter button
Winding speed: Approx. 1.0 frame per second
Attachment: With securing screw to camera tripod socket
Power source: 6 AA size batteries - alkaline or nicad (not included)
Battery life: Alkaline: approx. 80 rolls 120 Nicad: approx. 60 rolls 120
Power-on indication: Green LED lights up when power is switched on Winding indication: Red LED lights up during winding cycle or ready to wind
Dimensions: H x W x D -143.5mm x 140mm x 90mm
Weight: Approx. 660gm (23OZ.) without batteries

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