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Canon FA SLR camera, 1980

"...Canon FA ? some sites stated it as an ophthalmological application camera. Said to be introduced in 1980 - based on AE-1 (all balack bodies). Pacifica Rim camera asked for USD675-00 with a specialized Canon Motor Drive MZ unit....basically a medical application camera ...". Note: Ophthalmological examination and corrective devices. Subjective tests to determine the visual function, and physical examination of the eyes by means of special devices.

Pacific Rim camera logo and link

Credit: Image(s) courtesy of Mr. Milan from 'Pacific Rim Camera' (e-mail). The Company who specialises trading of new, used collectable cameras and also operates a popular Ebay Store. Alternately, Pacifi Rim camera can also be accessed via their own website at All image(s) appeared herein are Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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