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Main Features

Pictorial Outline for General Use of the Camera

Setting the Camera for the Five AE Modes and Manual Override

Preliminary Preparations
Handling the Lens

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Loading the Battery
Checking the Battery
Film Advance and Shutter Release
Holding the Camera
Loading the Film
Setting the ASA Film Speed

The Basics of Exposure
AE Photography
Loading Battery | Film Loading
Memo Holder

Setting the Lens for AE Photography
AE Mode Selector

AT Dial
Shutter Speed Scale on the AT Dial
Aperture Scale on the AT Dial

Shutter-speed Priority vs. Aperture Priority

Programmed AE
Meter and AE Coupling Ranges
Metering at Low Light Levels
Viewing and Focusing
Optional Viewing Aids

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Previewing the Exposure
Cancelling the Viewfinder Display
Numerals and Characters Composing Digital Readout in Viewfinder
Incorrect Exposure Warnings
Double-Check Before Shooting
Shutter Release
Rewinding the Film


Stopped-down AE Photography

Manual Override
Self -Timer
Exposure Compensation

Multiple Exposures

Film Plane Indicator
Distance Scale
Infrared Index Mark
Checking the Depth of Field

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Lens Signal Coupling
Seeing the Lens in Action
Automatic Aperture Control
Manual Aperture Control
Unusable Lenses

Proper Care of the Camera
Using the Calnera in Extremely Cold Conditions

Flash Photography with the A-1
Motorized Film Winding
Data Back A
Various Accessories for Close-ups and Photomacrography

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History & Background | Basic Camera Operation (14 Parts)

Main Reference Map - HTML | PDF (270k)
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