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AE-1 PROGRAM, along side with the five AE modes' Canon A-1, was one of the two best featured Canon A series models. It was a high performance SLR camera that offers you plenty of creative freedom through its many functional features incorporated within. It can be used in three automatic exposure (AE) modes: Programmed AE, Shutter-speed priority AE, or Flash AE. Manual override - where you set everything on your own with the precision of timing assured by the stable and reliable electronics provided by the camera body.

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If you have bought this camera as used or you have no experience with any A-series Canon SLR camera before, please try to digest what we have prepared here for you. If you already owned this camera and wish to do a reorientation, fine. The content in this site may suite your purpose as well.

If you have any technical questions or problems encountered, please use the convenience of the Message Board instead and see if any other users who have encountered similar experience that may be able to help you.The content on this site are based mostly on the Instruction Manual as the backbone to its constructrion, with added on personal experience and knowledge to make new users at ease and undestand facts that are needed to operate his/her tool. It is always recommended to
open up a separate browser window for the main reference map for cross references or you are encourage to used the glossary section to refer to some specific photographic terms used. Note: Content in this site may not satisfy every visitor's personal desire or expectation. You may used the Message Board already in this site or try another new search on the Web.

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Basic Steps

Attaching the Lens
Setting the Lens for AE Photography
Loading the Battery
Checking the Battery
Learning to Operate Basic Controls
6. Setting the
Film Speed
Loading the Film

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Claudio®. who is a collector for Canon photo gear, he also has an Ebay Section as well as maintaining a website on his own where occasionally trading some photo equipment. Image(s) copyright © 2003. All rights reserved.

Hold the Camera Correctly
AE Photography
Programmed AE Photography
Shutter-speed Priority AE Photography
One Shot at a Time
Rewinding the Film
Dedicated Flash Photography with the Speedlite 188A
Carrying the Camera
  d. Pre-shooting

Making the Most of Your camera
12. Battery Issues
Viewfinder Information
Exposure Warnings
Exposure Control
How to Choose a Shutter Speed
Shooting at Shutter Speeds Slower than 1/60 sec
Aperture. Exposure's Other Half
How the Aperture affects the Picture
Checking the Depth of Field

Shooting with Light Behind Your Subject (and Other Unusual Lighting Situations
Shooting with a Non-FD Lens
Shooting with Close-up Accessories
Film Plane Indicator
Manual Diaphragm Control

Flash Photography
Display Information in AE Flash Photography
Auto-exposure Flash Confirmation Signal
Automatic Flash (with Ordinary Electronic Computer Flash Units)
Manual Flash
Shooting with Infrared Film
Shooting in Very Low Temperatures
Shooting at Night
26. Interchangeable Focusing Screens
Caring for Your Camera
Optional Accessories
a. Canon Power Winder A2
  b. Canon Motor Drive MA
  c. Canon Wireless Controller LC-1
  d. Data Back A
  e. Angle Finders A2 and B
  f. Lens Hoods
  g. Dioptric Adjustment Lenses S
  h. Magnifier S
  i. Filters

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III: Other Issues (2 parts)
Specifications and Main Reference Map
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