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Canon AE-1 Program, 1981

Five years after the original AE-1 was introduced, Canon brought out an excellent upgraded version in 1981, known as the AE-1 Program or AE-1P in short. The AE-1 Program was considered as one of the two most elegant looking A series bodies (the other was the Canon A-1 in 1977).

The AE-1 Program was certainly a worthy successor. It was packed with improved features, which were not found in its predecessor. Among the features was the Programmed AE, (first debut in the A-1) in addition to the Shutter-priority AE and manual override modes. It also has eight user interchangeable focusing screens, using the new laser matte types as well as some with extra bright laser matte technology developed for the flagship model, the New Canon F-1. It has a new, dedicated Power Winder A2 that has additional remote capability, but the camera still accepts the older Winder A and can even share the Canon A-1's Motor Drive MA for up to 4 fps burst rate for action photography.

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It also accepts most of the accessories within the FD system, including Data Back A, macro accessories, A and G-type of Canon Speedlites for fully automated flash photography. All FD, New FD and FL lenses are usable with the AE-1P. Full aperture metering is only possible with the FD and New FD lenses. Stopped-down metering with the FL lenses.

As with the Canon A-1, the AE-1 Program was indeed, very popular and well received by consumers. Although there were some minor shortfalls in its design to make it a true classic, it was still a worthy camera among its class during the years of its availability, from early to the mid-80s.

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"... The AE-1 Program was my first ever 35mm SLR camera. Originally, I had wanted to buy the AE-1 but found it was more expensive than the AE-1 Program. I don't know why this was the case (back in 1983) but later, I found out that particular AE-1 was from an old batch that was brought in when cameras in Malaysia were still subjected to import duties (abolished in 1981 and all the photographic equipments are duty free in Malaysia now) while the AE-1 Program was from later batches that were cheaper." - Kai Pin -

Obviously, the AE-1 Program was a much easier camera to use as compared to the multi-mode Canon A-1. Although the A-1 has more features and functions to control exposure, those available on the AE-1 Program were actually improvements over what the A-1 has and it has a more simplified way in controlling exposure, which made the camera an easier model for beginners to use.

Canon AE-1 Program US Navy Model - not an official variant but version that used by the US Navy.
AE1PusnavyCSML.jpg AE1PusnavyBsml.jpg AE1PusnavyASML.jpg

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Part I: Basic Camera Operations (3 parts)
II: Advance Camera Operations (5 parts)
III: Other Issues (2 parts)

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