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More info on Canon TV lens 800mm f3.8, 2000mm f11
& 5200mm f/14 by
Ernst Thiel, Holland


From: "Ernst Thiel" <>
To: "Leonard" <>
Subject: Canon Cat-lenses.
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 23:38:50 +0100
X-Priority: 3

Dear Leonard,

Long time ago I have visited your site, it has improved since that day. Very nice work. My name is Ernst Thiel and I am a Canon collector from the Netherlands. At your FD pages I saw the mentioning of two giant cat lenses. Dr. Heinrich Tauscher supplied you some info about the 800 and 2000mm mirror lenses. But the information wasn't complete. I have a booklet of the Canon mirror lenses dated May 1965. The title explains it all: Canon Mirror lenses, TV-800mm 1:3.8 , TV-2000mm 1:11 and TV-5200mm 1:14. Subtitle is World's Brightest Lens Widest Mobility Longest Focal Distance.

I can try to scan it for you if you like. Here are some facts about the lenses:
800 mm 1:3.8
Dimensions Length: 463mm (hood 275mm) Wide: 298mm
2000 mm 1:11
Dimensions Length: 603mm (hood 470mm) Wide: 246mm
5200 mm 1:14
Dimensions Length: 1290mm (hood 390mm) Wide: 500x600mm Weight: 100kg

I hope that this info is usefull for you. Let me know if you would like a scanned copy. Kind regards.

Canon lens 5200mm f/14 eflex mirror lens
Credit:- Dear Sir, I noticed you talked about the Canon mirror lens TV-5200mm 1:14, the huge lens. We just have one in stock for sale. Are you interested? It costs only about US$xxxx . Here are some pictures for you as per attachment. We have an office located in Canada, you can contact them directly. Best Regards Charley.Lin

Rm602, No.20, Lane 797, Yangnan Road,
Shanghai 200124, China
QQ: 106601571 Skype:Linjiali

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- Ernst Thiel -

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