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Nikon F401x Technical Specifications

Top view, F401x

Type of camera   Integral-motor autofocus 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) with built-in TTL flash
Picture format   24 x 36mm [standard 35mm (135) film format)
Lens mount   Nikon bayonet mount
Lenses   AF Nikkor lenses (except AF-Nikkor 80mm f/2.8, ED 200mm f/3.5 IF, and autofocus converter TC-16/TC-16A), and non-AF Nikkor lenses (with limitation*) available
Viewfinder   Fixed eye-level pentaprism type; 0.8x magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity; 92% frame coverage with Eyepiece cover: Model DK-5 prevents stray light from entering viewfinder
Autofocus actuation method   Single servo
Focus modes:   Autofocus, and manual focus with focusing confirmation
Autofocus modes:   Single-Servo AF and Continuous-Servo AF Continuous-Servo is possible in ADVANCED mode only
Autofocus detection system:   TTL phase detection system using Nikon Advanced AM200 sensor module
Autofocus detection range:   Approx. EV -1 to 19 (at ISO 100)
Auto Exposure lock:   Available via pressing the AE-L button while the meter is on (Centre-Weighted Metering selected when the AEL button is pressed)
Focusing Screen   Nikon BriteView screen with central focus brackets for autofocus operation
Focus tracking:   Automatically activated with a moving subject: works as long as subject moves towards or away from the camera at a constant speed
Focus Confirmation   Available in manual focus mode with an AF Nikkor, mountable Nikkor and Series E lens with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or faster
Exposure Modes   Programmed auto, Shutter-Priority auto, Aperture-Priority auto and Manual exposure modes
Programmed Auto exposure control:   Nikon Auto Multi-Program; both shutter speed and aperture are set automatically
Shutter-Priority Auto exposure control:   Aperture automatically selected to match manually set shutter speed
Aperture-Priority Auto exposure control:   Shutter speed automatically selected to match manually set aperture.
Manual exposure control:   Both aperture and shutter speed are set manually
Auto exposure lock:   Available by pressing the AE-L button while the exposure meter is on
Viewfinder information:   Green focus indicator LED for focusing, red extire indicator LED shows over- and underexposure warning, and correct exposure; red flash ready-light for flash photography
Metering range   EV 0 to EV 19 at ISO 100 with f/1.4 lens
Exposure Metering   Matrix Metering (for ensuring correct automatic operation in Programmed, Shutter-Priority and Aperture-Priority auto exposure modes); Centre-Weighted Metering (for Manual exposure mode or when using the AE-L button in auto exposure mode); metering activated by lightly pressing shutter release button: stays on for approx. 8 sec. after lifting finger from button
Film speed range and setting   ISO 25 to 5000 for DX-coded film. Automatically set by DX-coded film (ISO 100 is automatically set for all non-DX-coded films)
Shutter   Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speeds   1/2000 to 30 sec. on Programmed and Aperture-Priority auto exposure modes; 1/2000 to 1 sec. on Shutter-Priority auto and Manual exposure modes: T setting for long time exposure provided
Shutter Release:   Electromagnetic
Automatic film advance   Film automatically advances to frame one when shutter release button is depressed once; film advance indicator rotates to show that film is loaded and being advanced properly.Film automatically advances one frame at approx. 0.4 sec. when shutter is released; film advance stops automatically at end of film roll.
Frame counter   Accumulative type; automatically reset when camera back is opened
Film rewind   Automatically rewound by built-in motor
Self timer   Electronically controlled; approx.10 sec. exposure delay; blinking LED indicates self-timer operation; two-shot self-timer is possible; cancellable
Reflex mirror   Automatic, instant-return type
Camera back   film cartridge confirmation window and film advance indicator
Accessory shoe   Standard ISO-type with hot-shoe contact, ready-light contact, TTL flash contact, monitor contact
Built-in TTL flash:   Guide number: 12 (Metres, at ISO 100 and 20°C); Angle of coverage: 28mm lens or longer lens with some limitations.
Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash:   Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash is possible in auto exposure modes; Centre-Weighted Fill-Flash is possible in Manual exposure mode
Flash synchronization   In Programmed auto or Aperture-Priority auto, shutter operates 1/125 to 1/60 sec. (or 1/[focal lengthj sec. with lens focal length less than 60mm); in Shutter-Priority auto or Manual exposure mode, automatically set to 1/125 sec. when shutter is manually set at 1/125 sec. or faster; if shutter is manually set at 1/125 sec. or slower, shutter fires as set
Flash ready-light   Flash ready-light blinks when flash is recommended (scene darker than EV 10 at ISO 100, or a scene with brightness of EV 10 or higher at ISO 100 where the centre portion is darker than other areas by more than EV 2) and lights up when built-in TTL flash or accessory Nikon Speedlight is ready to fire. Autofocus flash photography: Possible only with Nikon Autofocus Speedlight SB-24, SB-23, SB-22 or SB-20 or any other dedicated flash units
Batteries   Four AA-type batteries
Body finish:   Silver and Black available
Dimensions (W x H x D):   F-401x: 154 X 102 X 65mm F-401x Quartz Date: 154 X 102 X 67mm
Weight (body only)   F-401x: Approx. 647g F-401x Quartz Date: 654g


For Databack function (F-401x (Quartz Date only)
Data imprint functions: Year/Month/Day, Day/Hour/Minute, No imprint, Month/Day/Year and Day/Month/Year are selectable; 24-hour built-in clock with timing accuracy within +90 seconds a month at normal temperatures
Power source: One 3V lithium (CR2025) battery

Number of film rolls per fresh battery *:


Without Flash

With flash


at 20° C

at -10° C

at 20° C

at -10° C

AA Type Alkaline manganese (LR06)





NiCd (KR AA)





Zinc-Carbon (SUM 3)





* Number of 36 exposure fllm rolls per set of fresh batteries (approx.). For autofocus operation with AF Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-f/4.5 lens covering the full range from infinity (oo) to the closest distance and back to infinity (oo) before each shot, at 1/125 sec. or faster shutter speed. Note: The Nikon F-401x will accept all Nikon F mount lenses that have Al (Automatic Maximum Aperture Indexing). Full performance, including autofocus, requires the use of AF Nikkor lenses.

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