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Nippon Kogaku Japan W-Nikkor.C 2.5cm f4 lens s/n 402892 with a Leica screw mount. The lens comes with both caps (the front is a Nippon Kogaku Tokyo MIOJ) and a metal lens shade and is in a leather case

Nippon Kogaku Japan 2.5cm auxillary finder. The lens and finder are in MINT condition with NO signs of use. The caps and shade are also MINT. The focus and f stops are smooth and the blades are clean and dry. The glass is clean.

Prior to the availability of the Nikkor 2.1cm f4.0, it used to the widest among all Nikkor lenses made for the rangefinder Nikon cameras. It needs the assitance of a external compositional finder. This 4 elements lens uses a symmetrical p[tical formula and a unique disphragm and fucisng mechanism which resulted to its extremely compact size. It was believed there were both chrome and black paint versions of this rare lens being produced.

Note: This very well preserved rare piece of glass
was eventually auctioned for USD1,650-0

THE NEW Ranegfinder Nikkor site on W.Nikkor.C 1:4 f=2.5cm

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Picture Courtesy of
Mr. Ernest D. Swersky

and Chuck Hester for asking the permmision for me...