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First and foremost, REMEMBER - this is NOT a photo competition !
But rather, it is an invitation to participate in a web development project and help brighten up the content in this website.



  It doesn't really matter to me if your images were taken ages ago or if it was just being digitized recently as long as they are your own original creation(s). As appropriate copyright info and credit will be given published along with each photograph used, I may need a working E-mail to confirm your participation and/or future reference (Remember to avoid keep requesting altering of your e-mail address subsequently). Please mail me with a minimum image size of 8" x 10" in Jpeg format. Submit maximum of five images at one go. Avoid sending images in varying form around similar photographic theme/topic. Selective images should ALSO be allowed to be published at a different |Windows | section in this website. Lens data and descriptions can be useful and help others to understand your work better but it is not entirely necessary. Lastly, TELL me which particular page in this Nikkor lense section that you think your image(s) should be most appropriately placed (copy the URL and paste in your mail) OR replace others if it already has a current illustration existed in that page BUT you'd really need to explain to me WHY in your mail - if it is the latter.


Criteria of selection can be based on variable factors and not just via visually powerful colourful display in your images. Successful submissions may relate to good application of lens features relevant to a particular focal length, inspirational interpretation of any given topic and thoughtfulness in picture composition etc. So - if yours have not being chosen, it DOES NOT mean yours are not good enough to be used in this project. But if an eventual negative situation bothers you a lot - just think positively "...
this guy's taste is real bad-man ...". Further, submitted images not being chosen WILL NOT be informed nor returned, so please DON'T ask me the whereabouts in any follow-up mails. (But I can assure you, they will NOT be abused nor distributed freely to anyone (other than for the purpose of evaluation by a few external co-maintainers of this section) - as I respect your courage and each of your creative work submitted to me. However, I do have to reserve absolute rights and giving your authority to replace/remove any published works subsequently if more desirable images are received later so as to maintain a minimal level of standard set in this web project.


Benefit ? None ! Because I am poor guy and cannot afford to do so. But this PIM website does has reasonably good web traffic monthly, it can be your gateway for gaining some public exposures for your works. READ ALL THE ABOVE TERMS before you | send it/them| to me, Becoz' I'd really hate to involve with an argument later. Lastly, the site operator of this website should not be accountable for any possible form of disputes or discrepancies that may arise over ownership pertaining to images sent in and used subsequently in the website other than deleting them later after verification.

Naturally, I don't think this invitation for participation will received a lot of positive response in particular after laid so much of demanding terms and regulations earlier but I can be equally very diplomatic in this respect and if you think what I have asked for thus far is too much from you,

Just tell me to
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