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I don't expect everyone to be well verse with each and every product of all camera manufacturers, but I would expect the respective manufacturer to understand and identify their very own products which they produced and sold. Frankly, it was so unfortunate that they have came to my backyard and | bitten me once, | this is a real treat from the spicy orient... ha, ha, ha !

Joke aside, being a web developer I always think we should have room for error and mistakes, so I did my part by given them a snail mail, but seemed no one bothers to care at all. I hope they will read it themselves here on the web. Next, In relation to product knowledge, I received a couple of mails from readers complaining that they cannot change lens aperture with the FM2n - only to find out that the retail outlet sold them a G-series lens. When being approached, Nikon claimed that it was not Nikon's fault but the retailer. But I am questioning the wisdom of respective parties as WHY proper product knowledge was not channeled down to sale assistants or operators of those respective outlets? This is something that Nikon needs to seriously think about, because Digital camera in the future may even demand MORE in-depth knowledge than handling compatibility issues and selling those lenses...

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