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1966. Rollei launched the its first 35mm camera at the Photokina in Cologne, Germany. It was the world smallest 35mm camera yet packed with so much of excitement, both mechanical and optically. That was the original Rollei 35. Millions have been sold worldwide with this little gem since its inception. The Rollei 35 is back. Still made in Germany and have a few options to select from. Mind you, these are jewels, not just cameras...

Rollei 35 75yrs *please refer to the top center picture.

Rollei 35 Royal Limited special edition with beautiful lacquered surfaces and mirror-finish gold plating. The lens is a Zeiss Sonnar 40mm f2.8 HFT
Rollei 35 Classic in metallic black, with precious-metal coating of the operating controls.
Rollei 35 Classic with gold, platinum and titanium coating of the outer surface.
Rollei 35 Classic with full platinum coating of the outer surface.

The original Rollei 35

-Special thanks to our local Rollei distributor- for providing such beautiful photographs of these models

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