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The  R o l l e i  6 x 6  T w i n  R e f l e x
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Some of the products of the human mind have become legends. And not just in fields such as literature, painting or music. Photography has its legends too. One of these is undoubtedly the twin-lens Rolleiflex 6x6. First introduced by Rollei in 1929 and the principle behind it was a real stroke of genius. Within a short time it had brought the Rollei name worldwide recognition. Nearly every top 6x6 photographer that time was using a Rolleiflex 6x6. The Rolleiflex was to have a decisive influence on the history of photography during the following decades.

It was the springboard for further technical development ending to a whole range of successful Rollei cameras. And one thing is certain wherever in the world some event occurred that was to decide the course of history, it was captured on film by someone using a Rolleiflex. Countless imitations simply go to prove Rolleiflex's pioneering status in Camaro design. But none of these copies comes close to matching the original. This is why twin-lens camera enthusiasts and top professionals have repeatedly asked Rollei to continue this classic camera design but with all the added advantages of modern technology. The latest model is the Rolleiflex 2.3 GX the classic twin-lens design with the exposure features of a modern automatic Rolleiflex camera. The Rolleiflex 2.8 GX look as if good ideas never grow old.

Today, though new generation of photographers might not even know how to use a twin reflex camera, but there are photographers still make it very much in demand among enthusiasts, collectors and experts. The Rolleiflex 2.8 GX is the latest offshoot of this classic series.

Nevertheless, just like the Hasselblad Pictorial History Resource Page & Nikon's Pictorial History Page, we hereby present to you another pictorial history of this evergreen 6 x 6 twin reflex camera by Rollei.

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