Despite there are continuous rumours arising for the last few months on possible new versions of digital camera from Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Minolta etc based on existing SLR bodies; it is one here for sure (This is much better than I can visualise, at least - it doesn't even need a pellicle mirror to function normally like a SLR camera):

This Canon latest D2000 Digital Camera
(Note: This model is NOT sold in other part other than in mainland Japan). Info supplied by Canon marketing, Malaysia.- the main official sponsor for the KL98 Commonwealth Games. One of my friend, CYLeow - Photo Editor of the Star Newspaper has bought one of this D2000 and another Kodak 520 Digital camera bodies.

Features like: Newly developed two-million pixel CCD provides high image quality and accurate color reproduction

Product Specifications

Camera Section:
Type: Single-shot, autofocusing, single-lens reflex digital camera, with 36-bit full color (RGB: 12 bits each).
Lens mount: Canon EF mount (fully electronically controlled)
Lens compatibility: Canon EF lens line (actual image size is equivalent to approximately 1.6 times the focal length indicated on the lens)
Viewfinder: Full-frame single-lens reflex type, with field coverage 93% vertical, 97% horizontal, 0.83x magnification, and 20mm eyepoint.
Focusing modes: Single-shot AF, Moving subject Al servo AF, and Manual
Autofocusing measurement range: EV-1 to 17 (ISO 200)
Metering method: 12-zone SPC and TTL open aperture metering using BASIS 12-zone evaluative metering, center-weighted average value metering, partial metering (approximately 23.7% of frame)
Also available: spot metering (approximately 9.1% of frame) and fine-spot metering (approximately 6.1% of frame)
Metering range: ´ Evaluative, center-weighted, partial, and spot metering: EV-1 to 19 (at room temperature EF 50mm, F1.4 ISO 200) ´Fine-spot metering: EV 2 to 19 (same conditions)

Shutter speed: 1/8000 to 30 seconds plus bulb; maximum X-sync speed 1/250 second

Continuous shooting speed: Continuous shooting at 3.5 frames per second, up to 12 continuous frames (with shutter speed of 1/250 second or higher)

Flash compatibility: Compatible with E-TTL automatic flash exposure control when used with any Canon EX-series Speedlite (using X synchro contact).

Digital Section

Imaging element:
15.5 x 22.8-mm, 2-million pixel CCD (effective pixels: 1736 horizontal x 1160 vertical, aspect ratio: 2:3)
ISO sensitivity: ISO 200 to 1600 equivalent
White balance: Five preset modes (including auto), plus custom settings
Image recording media: PCMCIA-ATA standard Type I, II, or III PC cards
Image recording file formats: TIFF/EP (12-bit lossless raw data compression)
Image file sizes: Recording: approx. 1.6 MB, ecquired: approx. 6 MB (8-bit processing) or approx. 12 MB (12-bit processing)
Recording capacity: Approx. 210 frames (estimated with 340 MB hard disk card)
Audio recording: Built-in microphone for recording with any given frame (monaural, telephone-quality)
Computer interfaces:
1. IEEE1394 port with exclusive cable for direct connection (requires PC with IEEE1394 interface board)
2. PC card via optional card reader installed on Mac or PC
Driver software: Includes Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Macintosh, and TWAIN driver for Windows PC
Compatible computers: Macintosh: 68040 CPU or higher (PowerPC recommended), Mac OS 7.6.1 or higher PC: 486-66 MHz CPU or higher (Pentium or higher recommended); Windows 95 (OSR2 or greater) or Windows NT (4.0 or greater); minimum 64 MB RAM; Adobe Photoshop Ver 4.0 or greater


Built-in color monitor: 1.8-inch color LCD panel displays images and shooting data, as well as menu selections
Infrared-cut low-pass filter: Built-in, removable
Power supply: User-replaceable Ni-Cd battery (sold separately, takes up to 300 frames on a full charge), or AC power via supplied AC adapter. (Ni-Cd battery can be charged or conditioned with supplied external battery charger, using AC power or supplied Car Baflery Adapter)
AC power supply conditions: 47 to 63 Hz, 95 to 250 V AC (both AC adapter and battery charger)
Product package: EOS D2000 camera, hand strap, neck strap, AC adapter, battery charger, universal plug, car battery adapter, IEEE1394 cable, driver soflware (for Windows/Macintosh), User's Manual
Size, weight: 161 (W) x 174 (H) x 92 (D) mm, 1650 g

Info supplied by Canon marketing, Malaysia

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