Membership Application Form

 Dear Sir,

I am desirous of becoming a Member of the Socisty. I heareby agree to abide ny its rules and regulations.

I enclose herewith two photographs 2" x 11/2", Entrance fee $50.00, Annual Subscription $50.00/Life Member $600.00.

Oversea Life Member entrance fee USD30.00, Subscription USD300.00 (except Singapore)

Membership : Ordinary Member Life Member
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Nationality :
Honours :
Date of Birth :
Identity Card No :
Education :
Sex : Male Female
Telephone :
Present Occupation :
Address :
Are you a member of other photographic society Yes No
Category : Amateur Professional
Introducer (if any) :
Date Application Submitted :



Signature of Applicant.


This is  NOT  an electronic document. You may download or print this page as your official Application Form for membership of PSM. Please fill or click in the appropriate columns, attached the remmitance where applicable and send the document to: THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF MALAYSIA, P. O. BOX 12044, 50766 KUALA LUMPUR, WEST MALAYSIA.

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