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The PSM's 40th year publication has compiled some excellence creative works of members. We have received some good reviews from member associations both local and from abroad. Lately, we even have received some congratulation messages from Mr Chan Chee Chong, Chairman of foreign correspondence, Photographic Society of America (PSA) and Honarable Adviser of PSA, Mr Leong Kong Ming. It all indicating the publication is a collector item. Unfortunately, due to the great demand, the balance of the copies are in limited volume, please contact our secreatariat or any member within the committee if you are interested. Per volume is RM50-00 and an additional RM6-00 postage and handling charges (applied to members locally within Malaysia).

The results for the 23rd International Salon of Photography 1998 is online now. To view these spectacular winning images
click here.

For any members who is interested to become an ordinary member of FIAP

Please contact the secretariat dept for further details.

The result of the first round of the Members' Salon Competition has been announced, click here to view.

The Date, Terms & Conditions for 1997 PSM Salon competition.

The competition is slightly "different" from previous year.
In terms of Prizes, Seng Heng Photo & Assesories, Ampang Park donated two special year-end prizes for the Competitionn namely, Olympus Super Zoom 110 Quarz Date and Leica AF Slides Projector, we wish to thanks Syarikat Seng Heng for their support to make this event so much more eventful.

Date and time (together with relevant closing dates) for the three competitions:

First Competition: 8th June 1997
Second Competition: 14th September 1997
Third & Final Competition: 9th November 1997

Closing Dates: Before 10 a.m.on the respective dates outlined above.
The Place: PSM's Home

Classifications :


1) Advance Level :

Print Section (Color & Black & White prints is under same Category);
Slides section.

No restriction on titles or subject, the dimension of the print must be minimm 8" x 10 " to not larger than 16" x 20" (16R); The Slides is applicable to only 35mm; individual member is restricted to maximum 4 (four) entries.

2) Entry Level :

There is only print category available. (Color & Black & White prints is under same Category); This section is only open to members that have NEVER won any open photographic competition before, the subject or topics is non-restrictive and the dimension of the submitted print(s) is standardised at 8" x 10".

Per member is restricted to maximum 4 (four) submissions. (As a matter of clarification, this category must have minimum three entries and the submissions of works of NOT less than 12 prints, If the minimum condition is NOT met, the submission will be reserved automatically for next round of competition).

Points and Judgement :

Apply for both the Advance and Entry categories :

First Prize : 10 points
Second Prize: 8 points
Third Prize: 6 points
Honorable Mentions: 2 points for each.
(The prizes won is not restrictive, per member can have few prizes where applies - depends on quality of submissions).

Annual year end on total accumulated points system:


1) Total Points Prize, 2) PSM's Trophy, 3) President's Trophy, 4) The Best Content and Journalist Prize

1) Total Points Prize

There will be a Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention prizes for both the Advance and Entry categories, based on total accumulated points system at the year end for this year's Salon competition.

2) PSM's Trophy

Only will be presented to the Advance Category.

For Print section, the top three prizes for each competition (4 months interval) will be automatically qualified for the final challenge trophy.
For Slides section, the top three prizes for each competition (4 months interval) will be automatically qualified for the final challenge trophy.

The final round will be judged by independent panels of judges.

3) President's Trophy

Only will be presented to the Advance Category, it will be the prize for single member who wins the maximum points from both the print and slide section.

4) The Best Content and Journalist Prize

This prize is specially created for both the Advance and Entry sections, for the first three prizes for each competition (at 4 months interval per competition). The judges employed for this competition is independent (by invitation).


Promotion/ Terms:

Those members who won any of the prizes (Gold, Silver & Bronze) automatically qualifies to the advance level and their works CANNOT be enter into the Entry category in this year's competition.

Those creation works which has won any prizes (including Honarable mentions) are not subjected to re-enter this year competition.

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