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If you are interested in pursuing further in photography, understand some basic is no harm. Firstly, you need not have to go very detail into this. But there is nothing wrong in beefing up yourself with a little extra; may be this can lead you to decide whether you can generate any further interest from here. Be begin with, regardless of whether you are using an entry level P&S (point & shoot) camera, or a high-end film/digital-based SLR camera, all you need to understand what are the few elements that can help to make a theoretical perfect exposure to be formed. In this case, it is not that confusing either, because it is actually quite simple where al the essentials can be concluded as a simple equation in Exposure = Aperture + Shutter Speed. To let you easier to digest what I said, an exposure can be interpreted in bare basic form - a developed image that can make you very happy about (minus the sentimental factor), other things like brilliance of colours, good contrast, well focus etc. - it is like things that simply make a cheerful day out of you...

My Esther @ One...(10K).jpg My Esther @ 2...(10K).jpg
<<<-- the Growing Years. A simple photo journal of my daughter from 1 to 12 years old. Far left: Esther@one, second picture: Esther@Two

Even if your interest is only confine to recording family events and happenings, what is wrong in having a better command on the camera that you own ? Here, I will just show you who my daughter was being recorded via film over the last twelfth years. She may not be appreciative now but one day, she will...

Well, in a public medium, to some of you who may have used to the simple click and shoot kind of operation, it may sound stupid why bothers going back to learn bare basic theories from scratch. I do understand in the world of automation, the sheer convenience, speediness and almost foolproof meter/exposure control system provided by any modern camera may always tend to lead people in thinking there is no such necessity turning back to pick up a few tricks on fundamental. While I agree to certain extend, where automation helps a great deal for photographer to concentrate more on the subject matter and usually, will help user makes less mistakes along the way, which means automation can indirectly help to generate higher yield of successful photography. But on the other hand, over-dependency on convenience from full automation can also often limit in exploring potential in individual creative expression via image capture process. Well, if your priority on photography is simply to record, hate or dislike numbers in learning equations - don't stress yourself, forget all these then. But if deep inside you feel a desire to see whether can you go one-step further from all these - TRY to digest something from this site then.

Please bear in mind, this section of my site is solely aimed to inspire what you can do with your hardware owned but not to educate. Actually, comes to think of it, this kind of lecture should be the task of the various industrial suppliers of camera and films. The whole problem is, most prefer in busy servicing existing pool of matured SLR photographers without attempting to expand their market place by inviting potentially new users into the field of serious photography. Anyway, changes occurred in the industries recently may be reflecting their priorities of each could be busy fighting for survival rather on responsibility which resulted in without bothering too much in this development effort. One way or another, I do hope each of them must also understand the market requires continuous stream of budding, new crop SLR camera users to expand the market further. Most likely, the pool can either comes from students from art colleges or individuals but an enormous number of P&S owners may hold the key for market users expansion (imagine if a successful conversion of 15-20% P&S camera users to serious photography should make another few millions new cameras to forma a new sale ). I don't intend to be a hero by pointing my remarks directly to all of them but neither I wish those industrial guys to milk Xtra $$$ from poor consumers like us without performing their duties but when you are living along with these changes in the industries, instead of dependence on others to lead the way, I would rather prefer creating a self-promotion effort via the web by creating this site.

Anyway, simple online photographic resources for beginners on the web are not too many - but you don't have to treat yourself so lowly by getting a " Photographic Basic for Dummies" kind of stuffs to learn some basics. Many years ago, I had my hard times when picked up this hobby, so more of less I can understand where the confusion is for migration from point & shoot to a little seriousness into photography. So, I would think this could have been a bus-stop where will make someone takes an easy ride, going a step further from where you are. This site is not intended to satisfy needs of the experienced ones who may be asking why content posted here is so "SIMPLE" and "BORING".. Boring ? yeah yeah .. May be. But to any seasoned photographer, in fact, the term "simplicity" in photography can mean bloody complex and difficult to reach a simple state in expression via a camera/lense. Well, for those who may think they are technically a superior elite-group of photo-bugs, If you think technically you are very sound, just let me ask you this question:- when was the last time you have used your bare minimum equipment, such as a normal 50mm standard lens, and produced a visually stunning and powerful image which can make you feel very satisfying ? Admittedly, for me, it can still difficult and I'm still struggling to remember when was the "last time I did"....so, you thought you are great huh ? So, when was your last time ? hehe ..

My Esther@ 3...(10K).jpg   My Esther@ 5...(10K).jpg My Esther@ 8...(10K).jpg
the Growing Years...

Migration path for my little UGLY duckling to a young teenager...

My Esther@ 10...(10K).jpg   My Esther@ 11...(10K).jpg My Esther@ 12...(10K).jpg

If you like what you have seen thus far, WHY DON'T pick up some knowledge in mastering a camera and create a better photo album than MINE ?

Time really flies - once lapsed; they can only be recovered via photographs & memories behind the visual. So, learn and give your loved ones around you a real treat. okay ? Private: my daughter has earned her first RM1,000-00 at the age of 11 by posting for a Chinese New Year publication for Parkson Departmental Store while I scored mine only late at 23, malu lah .. but market/time changes as well...

I would think majority of us who own a camera and few lenses are not depending on photographic medium to make a living. We are here simply because of a common interest in this creative form. Regardless for leisure photography or just to record a happy, memorable moments in our life could well be the logical reason why we own a camera in the first place. In time to come, some may migrate from casual shooting to recreational hobby or even semi-pros. Everything must have a starting point, so please bears with the simplicity.

As for any entry-level photographer, the topic here can be quite confusing with all those technical terms, values and figures used. Before you begin, I would suggest you try to overcome this mental block first as they are just a term. You need not have to feel embarrassed or upset from a confusion that might be created via reading between the lines or term used here in this site. Well, as I said, I have been through similar path - a poor fella that used to struggle with all these once, felt as confused as you are now or as you may be experiencing right now. So, I have tried my best to put them in simplest form of explanation where it relates. Don't worry, my friend - my English is not too good either, so, there will be not too many out of this world kind of technical terms used here in this site, okay ? Just relax, hold your camera in your hand, have a cup of tea beside you and look for things on your camera where the pages relate.


Supplement: - If you have ever come across some photographic key words in this site that you think that requires some guide to understand more, please refer to the glossary section. If you agree, let us go to the foremost basic in understanding a potentially highly addictive medium called photography. There is another supplementary article on Depth of Field, see whether if it helps a little in getting to understand a bit more from these basic... anyway, as all these components are inter-related. And during the course, it may even lead you to a path of getting serious in photography - or at worst, able to take better pictures than previously. So, no harm done.

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