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As the basis behind founding this section is purely non-profiteering, we sincerely hope that this FTZ will be advantageous to those who wish to look for an easy path to acquire/dispose or announce their respective photographic product(s)/services. business contacts on and through the web. However, please be reminded that the maintainer(s) of this FTZ do not vouch for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any ads, and are NOT to be held responsible for the contents of any ads and/or be held responsible for any dispute or discrepancies arising from possible transaction(s) between buyer(s) & seller(s). The ads solely express the views of the author of the ads and not of the maintainer(s). Any user who feels that a posted ad is objectionable is encouraged to contact us by email. >The maintainer(s) of this FTZ reserve(s) absolute rights to modify or even delete any inappropriate, non-relative or misleading ads, and the decision will be final. . We will constantly monitor this section and improve the practical aspect as well as the site efficiency. (Thanks, Rizal/Halimaton/Yeak for their early programming works). We welcome any constructive suggestion, viable input and feedback !
View by Latest Advertisement - Green for Sale & Blue for purchase. To contact the person (adverstiser) via email, just click at his/her name of the advertisement. We hope this place can be developed into a good "hunting" ground for all of you.

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