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Canon F-1 - Preface


Canon F-1(n)

Introduced in 1971. Canon's first serious attempt to bring out a top-of-the-line SLR system camera catered for professional photographers/serious amateurs around the globe during the early seventies. Along with its birth, a whole new series of breech-lock Canon mount lenses (followed by another generation of "new" FD mount) which replaced the older FL mount optic were launched together with the huge & awesome system accessories which centered around the original Canon F1.

I am trying my best to compile information relating to the F1 as accurate and detailed as possible as there are still many faithful users of this rugged Canon workhorse camera. The backbone concept of the F1 has a very important effect which stretched to two generations to the
Canon New F1 which was launched in 1981.

This Canon F-1 site is made out of 282 files (pdfs, gif, jpeg & htmls, slightly over 10MB size) and took a while to construct. It is divided into several areas, ranging from:

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Its design & Concept

How to
operate the camera
Basic & Detailed Operation/ Handling)

The Canon F-1 system and its accessories: (
Motor Drives | Prisms | Flash | Macro); Other important system capabilities

Canon F1n, Canon F-1 High Speed Motor Drive Camera; Limited Edition Variants - OD F-1 (olive drab finished - Montreal Olympic, 1976 & Lake Placid Olympic Model, 1980 - Updated ). Canon F1 GOLD; Scanned Copies of Canon F-1 Repair Manual (4.8MB) OR Instruction Manual for Canon F1 Or Canon F1 (version-D (HTML) Focusing screens created by Mr. Christian Rollinger. Cool..

Early days of the FD lenses
Other Canon Camera Bodies:

Pellix, 1965
FT QL, 1966
Canon F-1, 1971
Canon New F-1, 1982

A Series:
AE-1 | AT-1 | A-1 | AV-1
AE-1 Program | AL-1
T- Series:
T50 | T60 | T70 | T80

Early versions of FD lenses
FDn lenses

* Canon F-1 Message Board/Guestbook

| Message Board | for your Canon optics in a shared environment
| Message Board | Specifically for Dispose or Looking for Canon Photographic equipment

About this photographic site.
Handling such a camera with its dedicated system accessories may require some technical know-how, thus, this important area will be supplemented with Acrobat Pdf.files for you to download for reference; it is comprehensive enough to act as a instruction manual as well, containing details about the operation and handling of the Canon F-1.

Credit: Dedicated to my friends, Mr Tony Kano & Richard Yeow of Canon Marketing, whose help is very much appreciated in providing so much useful information which enabled possible creation of this site. Also to a special friend in US, who is a proud owner of this camera. At least, you know what are the potential this beast can do for you now, brother...


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