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Canon F1 - Servo EE Finder - Technical Specifications


Servo EE Finder.image (17k Jpeg)

1. Shutter Speed Dial
2. Finder Information Illumination Window
3. Lens Speed Adjustment Dial
4. Power Terminal
5. EE Coupler Attachment Screw
6. Servo Coupling Pin
7. Attachment Pin
8. Attachment Screw Socket for EE Coupler
9. Servo Operation Pin
10. Attachment Pin Hole for EE Coupler
11. Signal Pin Coupling Lever

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Servo EE Finder Base View.image (19k Jpeg)

12. Attachment Stopper
13. Lever Switch
14. Power Levet Indicator
15. Battery Check Button
16. Eyepiece Shutter Knob
17. Eyepiece
18. Dioptric Adjustment Adapter
19. Attachment Rail
20. Shutter Speed Dial Connecting Section
21. Main Switch
22. Cord 12V 2E
23. EE Coupler

Electrical diagram.image (15k Jpeg)

These diagrams could be useful for repair technician, just in case someone need them.

Stripped down.image (13k Jpeg)

Technical Data Canon Servo EE Finder

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