Canon Motor Drive FN Instruction Manual Part I

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Loading the Batteries (Battery Pack FN)

Before mounting the battery pack onto the motor drive, load the batteries. The battery contacts should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth before loading to prevent corrosion from dirt and fingerprints.

1. Slide the battery magazine release lever in the direction of the arrow and remove the Battery Magazine FN.

2. Following the diagrams on the inside of the battery magazine, load 12 size-AA batteries. Make sure the terminals are facing in the correct directions. If incorrectly loaded, the motor drive will not operate.

3. When all the batteries are loaded, push the battery magazine back into the Battery Pack FN until it is again in the fully-seated position. It can be inserted in only one direction.
magazine.jpg (5k)magazine1.jpg (5k)

1. Always replace the batteries with a full set of 12 new size-AA carbon-zinc or alkaline-manganese cells, all of the same brand.
2. The batteries should be removed whenever the Battery Pack FN will not be used for about three weeks or longer.
3. The Canon Ni-Cd Pack FN and High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN are rechargeable power sources for the AE Motor Drive FN. Do not use Ni-Cd batteries in the Battery Pack FN.

Checking the Batteries (Battery Pack FN)

The Battery Pack FN is provided with a battery checker which indicates the battery power at three levels when the check button is pressed. Refer to the following table:


 Okay; no battery change is required.


 Caution: batteries are weak and will soon need replaced

No illumination

 Change batteries.

cells.jpg (4.8k)* Because pressing the check button uses battery power, excessive checking of the batteries may reduce their life.

Mounting the Motor Drive FN to the New F-1

The battery in the camera cannot be removed once the motor drive is attached. Therefore, always check the condition of the camera's battery before mounting the motor drive. Refer to the instruction manual of the camera for procedures on checking the battery. Caution: Do not mount or dismount the motor drive when film is in the camera. This may expose the film to light.

Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe the motor drive terminals on the bottom of the camera and the contact pins on the motor drive to ensure proper contact.

1. Make sure the mode selector of the motor drive is OFF.
fig4a.jpg (5k) cell.gif (2k)

2. Using a coin, unscrew the rewind coupler cover (1), the AE coupler cover (2), and the winding coupler cover (3);
3. Then put the rewind coupler cover (1) and the AE coupler cover (2) into the socket cover holder of the AE Motor Drive FN as illustrated, and screw the winding coupler cover (3) into the socket.
4. Align the positioning pins of the motor drive with the positioning holes of the camera body and turn the attachment screw at the bottom of the motor drive.
fix.jpg (7k) tighten.jpg (7k)

When mounting the motor drive, make sure the camera's neckstrap ring does not lie between the camera body and the motor drive's grip.

5. Push the lock lever of the motor drive to the left so its red dot can be seen.
6. Align the contacts of each section and the positioning pins of the Battery Pack FN (or Ni-Cd Pack FN, High Power Ni-Cd Pack FN) with the positioning holes of the motor drive.
7. Push the lock lever in the direction of the arrow and, using a coin, tighten the attachment screw at the bottom of the battery pack.

Lock.jpg (10k) lock2.jpg (11k) Back.jpg (12k)

1. Always follow the steps above in the proper sequence regardless of the power source used; otherwise, attachment may be difficult.
2. Make it a rule to turn OFF the mode selector when mounting or dismounting the motor drive and when it is not in use.

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