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Canon T90, 1986

Exactly at its 10 years business cycle since the highly successful automatic Canon AE-1 (1976) and 8 years after its first multi- mode Canon A-1 (1978), Canon brought another new concept camera to the highly competitive market place in 1986. Amidst the period of confusion between early attempts on AF models by various manufacturers and more importantly, the early acceptance and the growing popularity of compact cameras, SLR sales was sluggish, users were confused while manufacturers kept rolling out model after model to the market laden with numerous features and functions.

The Canon T90 was one of them. Should I say, its birth was a little untimely and its full potential was never being truly realized - one tends to remember the A1 more clearly than the T90 when associating Canon with the multimode automatic cameras, even though the former fares poorly in comparison with the latter in all aspects. This is primarily due to the fact the T90 has never had the longer life cycle that A1 enjoyed (it was first marketed in 1978 before being discontinued in 1982 while the T90 has barely a year to survive due to the market changes to the AF arena where the Minolta Maxxum 7000 was rocking the whole photographic world by storm and Canon has to make the most drastic decision in its camera history by dropping the famed FD breech-lock mount and replaced it with the new EF mount for the new EOS series AF cameras).

The Canon T90's appearance is designed by German industrial designer Luigi Colani, and was the third model from the T series, after the
T50 in 1983 and the T70 in 1984 (In total, there were five T-series models including the T80, which was an autofocus camera that was launched in 1985. But the T90 has cast more influences to Canon's future designs of cameras as a whole than any other camera within their line-up. It was a great camera by any standard, featuring some revolutionary innovations as well as practical and very functional human engineering factors in its design. Thus, five years after the Canon flagship model, the Canon New F-1 was launched (1981), the T90 became the bridging model between the first full AF model, the Canon 650, that was brought out by Canon barely a year later in March, 1987 and the older manual focus Canons. The life span of the Canon T90 was the shortest and can also be considered the last of 's e r i o u s' FD-based manual focus SLR camera from Canon (The Canon T60 was launched in 1990) - but it is also the most sophisticated automatic exposure 35mm SLR that Canon has ever produced prior to the new EF mounted EOS AF SLR cameras, and was also affectionately nicknamed as 'the Tank" in Japan.

A transparent body of Canon T90, 1986
Concept | Capabilities

Its Metering, Exposure control, Flash photography, Viewfinder display, Film Backs, Built-in Motor Drive, the brains, Focusing Screens and other capabilities

Canon T-90
Camera Manual (Only available in HTML Format) (New) :| Canon 300TL Flash; Data Memory Back with Laptop contributed by Pawel Nabe; Metering Cell in T90 by Tom Scott.

Full technical specifications:- HTML / PDF (184K) format.

Suggestive link: -An article how the German designer was called in to design the Canon T90.

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