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Rubber eyecup is a very convenient accessory. It excludes stray light coming from the gap between your face and the eyepiece finder. This reduces reflection from the glass surface of he eyepiece which can be quite distracting and obstructing a good view and this reduces stress especially when working at long shooting sessions. In some cases, it always help to reduces chances for stray light entering the eyepiece where usually the metering cell of older version of manual focus SLRs locate and affecting precise meter readings. It is very helpful in shooting macro work especially such nature of photography would require plenty of attention to focus and refocus. Long hours in the wild which usually in broad daylight can be very stressful to the eye, in particular to eyeglass wearer.

Contax has quite a few versions of these eyecups designed for their various SLR models. The RTS and RTS II QUARTZ use Eyecup F and RTS III use a different version which is Eye-Cup F-4 which comes with an eyepiece ring.

Eye-Cup F Eight (8) kinds of diopter lenses (round shape, optional) can be inserted into the eyecup holder. Prevents stray light from entering the camera through the eyepiece. The eye-CLIP acts as a viewfinder blind when pushed up to cover eyepiece.
Eye-Cup F-4 (with eyepiece ring) This eyecup fits around the eyepiece of the CONTAX RTS III, and is secured in position with the eyepiece ring. The camera back may be opened and closed without interference when this eyecup is mounted.

Diopter lens

More popularly known as Eyepiece Correction Lenses. It allow you to put your eyeglass prescription into the viewing system so you can shot without having your eyeglasses on. Each of the lenses gives diopter ratings. Theoretically, you have have quite precise prescriptions to match your eyeglass prescription but in practice, it depends on whether your eyeglass is corrected for near, middle or far sighted. The best way is to choose by trying out the different grades. Anyway, it is still so much better than having your eyeglass pressing against the eyepiece. The RTS III has a High-Eyepoint design at the compromise of having the viewfinder magnification reduced to 0.74X from the 0.87X previously scored on the RTS and RTS II and thus, eyeglass wearer can still see the entire field inside at a comfortable distance. Further, the RTS III has a built-in diopter adjustment feature and if you prefer, just take off your eyeglass and tune your vision via the adjustment knob. But personally, I would still prefer the bigger projection of image inside the finder.

The diopter lens fits into the diopter lens holder of the rubber eyecup F. There are eight (8) kinds of round-shaped diopters from +3 to - 5D for RTS RTS II 139 137MD 137MA 159MM. For RTS III, Diopter Lens FM type (2 types) FM-3, FM+2; Diopter adjustment lens: Diopter Correcting Range FM - 3 - 1.5D- - 5D; FM+2 +4D--0.5D

Diopter lens FM-Type - Contax explained the FM-Type diopters are supplemental in nature for use with cameras having built-in diopters. I am not too sure how it can supplement the built-in system used in the RTS III. The standard diopter range of -i- ID to - 3D is extended from - 1.51) to -51) with the addition of the FNI-3 diopter and from +41) to -0.51) with addition of the FM+2 diopter.

Right-Angle Viewing Attachment

The normal viewing way through an eyepiece of the camera is called Eye-Level viewing. And it is convenient for normal way of shooting. There may be situation at times, such as using the camera on a tripod pointed downward or using copy stand to photograph/replicate something, or if you have the camera at ground level when shooting close ups in macrophotography, such situations may be inconvenient to get your eye where it needs to be to look through the viewfinder.

Right Angle Finder-N

This Contax accessory is very useful for waist-level or low angle photography when mounted in place on the eyepiece frame. It may able to change the viewing optical path by 90 degrees. The attachment rotates on its own mount so you can view from above, below or at any angle in between. Fits to both round and square eyepiece frame by selective use of the eyepiece adapters attached. It can be rotated through 360' at the eyepiece that it becomes very or convenient and efficient for close-up or copy photography. The diopter adjustment ranges from - 5D to + 3D.
Eyepiece Magnifier

Critical focusing is aided by use of a magnifier to examine the image on the focusing screen. The Eyepiece Magnifier magnifies the center part of the image by a factor of 2.1X. You do not see the entire viewfinder frame-only the center part. The image has correct orientation. The magnifier is adjusted for your eyesight by rotating the magnifier eyepiece. The Eyepiece Magnifier is also hinged so you can flip it up out of the way when you want to see the entire focusing screen.
Magnifier F-2N

This high -performance magnifier assists in critical focusing by magnifying the central image area 2.1X. An adapter allows usage of square or round eyepieces and offers diopter control from -5D to +3D. This magnifier has an optical configuration based upon 4 elements in 2 groups.

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