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Contax RTS II Quartz Power Pack System - Power supply Against Extreme Cold

I live in the tropic and has not experienced any extreme case of weather change condition and naturally, I might not be able to explain more who important this accessory can mean to many others. But generally, common sense will tell batteries are very susceptible to cold weather, and can quickly lose power is subjected to extreme cold. To guard against such power loss in cold climates, Contax RTS II Quartz Power Pack System which consists of a Power Pack accepting six 1.5V M-size batteries and connects to the camera's battery chamber via a special cold-proof silicon cord. With this system, the photographer can keep batteries warm in a jacket pocket to preserve their power while still 6hooting. The RTS II Quartz Power Pack is fully interchangeable with original Contax RTS's External Battery Holder Set; however, this unit provides approximately five times the power capacity.

Contax External Power Pack P-3 - Specifications

Usable Camera:   Contax RTS, RTS II Quartz
Mounting:   Direct to camera body via battery chamber
Power Sources:   Four 1.5V M-size batteries.
* Warning: Ni-Cd cells cannot be used.
Accessories:   Silicon coated, cold proof cord. Length at 1.5 m

Contax Data Back(s) For Data Recording Directly On Film

The original Contax RTS have been served with two Data Backs as the RTS series employed a removable film back design. Although a more well known unit between the two options is the Contax 250 exposures Bulk Film Back but it has another standard compact Data Back unit which is more rare in number as the CONTAX RTS Data Back can only be used on the original RTS camera and not compatible with the later Contax RTS II Quartz body. Unlike the 250 Bulk fim back which serves more to shoot films without the hassle of reloading, databack has a function of imprinting exposure data onto films. There were also two versions of Databack being produced for the RTS and RTS II. The original Contax RTS Data Back has a very conventional three wheels controls which was mainstream design adopted by other major 35mm camera manufacturers and seemingly identical to design used by Olympus Recordata Back 1 and version 2. Well, if I said that is conservative which is sometimes not entirely true as even the Canon Databack FN introduced in 1981 was still using such wheel control design.

DP-1sml.jpg DP-2sml.jpg DP-3sml.jpg
Three GREAT images of the Databack for Contax RTS contributed by Mr. "Miura Yoshiki" <>

The Contax RTS Data Back has a three wheels design and would need a cable that plug into the remote control terminal at the rear section of the RTS camera body in order to be able to synchronize with each exposure. In fact, the Data Back is identical with the one that was designed for the Yashica FR series SLR models (but not interchangeable with one another). It powers by a 6V silver Oxide (PX28 or Type 544 cells) and has a test button for checking power level. The main switch is located at the right hand side and just below the three wheels which control the date/month/year and beside the film speed/type dial, there is a battery check light at left, Battery check button at center and a remote release socket which is required as the Contax RTS is a cable film back which has a cord that plug and occupied the remote control socket on the camera and the socket on the film back replaces the one that is being occupied by the cord.

Each of the three dials has specific encoding function with the far left hand side for calibrating from 1-31 (date); the second (month) from 1-12 and then from A to G. The third wheel is calibrated with a suitable progression of 19 years. I don't have any original image of the original RTS Data Back here to show you, if you come across one (kindly seek permission to use if the picture is not an original image from you), please mail me.

Contax Data Back Quartz D 4 -

With the debut of the Contax RTS II Quartz camera, it came with an updated Data Back Quartz D4 which was designed as a special optional accessory. It incorporates a number of improvements over previous Contax data backs, as well as offering several unique new features, the most exciting of which is its built-in Quartz Timing Device and display data and encoding in LCD (liquid crystal display). The Data Back Quartz D-4 was the last of such conceptual interchangeable film back designed for the RTS series as the RTS III camera that followed still adopts a removable design but the standard film back comes with a RTV (Real Time Vacuum) mechanism.

The film back also provides with dating unit, features such as imprinting made between frames etc. and thus eliminating the need for a separate function back for imprinting basic essential data.

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The Data Back Quartz D4's clock unit is accurate to within + - 15 seconds per month*, operating at the same 32,768-pulse rate as the Quartz elements in Contax camera bodies.
Note: * + - 15' is maximum error margin; actual operating errors will be far smaller.

In addition to the normal Year/Month/Date capability, the Quartz Timer also provides a precise Date/Hour/Minute recording mode. Other operating modes include Serial Counting (3-digit, 000-399) and Numerical Code Indication (6 digit, 00-00-00-99-99-99).

In addition, at any time the Data Back can be set to Non-Record mode. Data is directly projected onto the film, in the lower right corner of the frame, via Liquid Crystal Diode. A second Monitor LCD provides operating/ battery check and data display for the photographer. A two-step ASA selector switch adjusts the brightness of the LCD projection. The Data Back Quartz D4 can be used together with the Contax RTS camera body, however, in this case the Data Imprint Button must be pressed manually to record data on the film since the D4 model operates cordlessly.

Contax Databack Quartz D-4 System - Specifications

Type:   Seven-segment LCD (liquid crystal diode) projection data back with built-in Quartz timing device.
Operating Modes:   Year/Month/Date; Date/Hour/Minute; Serial Counting; Six-Digit Coding. (Non-record mode also settable).
Recordable Data   Year/Month/Date; Date/Hour/Minute; Serial Counting (000-399); Six-Digit Coding
(00-00-00 - 99-99-99)
Data Location   Lower right corner of frame
Recording Method   Direct LCD projection onto film (Monitor & Photo LCDs operate in parallel). (Data Imprint Button can be used for manual operation).
ASA Selection   Two-step adjustment.
Operating Checks   Time check and auto battery/operating check.
Power Sources:   Two batteries, type SR44 (3 1 V) or LR44 (3V)
Remote Control Accessories:   Contax Cable Switches, Contax Infrared Controller S Set, Contax Radio Controller set, AC Control Box.
Size:   142mm x 55mm x 23.5 mm (5-9/16" x 2-3/16" x 15/16")
Weight:   100g (3.6 oz)

Third party Film Back:

NPC Proback II Instant film backs: For those who needs an instant film proof for an important assignment, an instant film backs is available from a third party film back manufacturer The NPC Proback II, designed by NPC Photo pty Ltd, USA uses a free-floating fiber optic lens to transfer the image from the camera film plane to the Polaroid film plane which the Company claims without any degradation of the image.

NPC logo.jpg
The Proback II lets you make two independent contact size images on each sheet of Polaroid film. By so doing, you can do a side-by-side comparison to evaluate varying composition, lighting changes, or compare results produced by lenses of different focal lengths.The film back has a light seal mechanism is composed of stainless steel and beryllium copper. All other interface components are black anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
NPC Proback.jpg (9k) Loading.
<-- The Film Back is NOT cheap. Although the NPC website only stated Proback is available for Contax RTS III which has a suggested retail price at USD825-00 but according to an online shop ( which claimed selling a NPC Proback specially for Contax RTS II which sells at USD1,099.85 (the image shown on the website was actually a Nikon F3 mounted NPC Back after enlargement over my curiosity). I CANNOT confirmed whether a Proback was actually being produced for Pre-Contax RTS III. You may help to update this section if there is any further information pertaining to this Film Back.

Additinal information on Specification of NPC Proback designed for RTS III : Allows use of 3.25 x 4.25" Polaroid Pack Film (ie: 665, 669, etc) with your SLR. Contact size 35mm image. Fused coherent fiber optic element. 11 micron fiber size; 21 million fibers. 2 independent images per frame. No light loss or color shift. Exceeds Polaroid requirements for film plane location for sharpest possible image. Fiber optic fully floating to insure contact with film plane and film. Clear, water white fibers. New, high resolution fiber optic lens.

Loupe - An Contax odd offering but a handy, useful tool for those who often shoots with slides

I have observed many Contax owners like to shoot in slides rather than in negative films, probably the original, uncorrected nature of positive films can only display pictures with the brilliance of Contax Zeiss optics. One handy accessory I can recommend within the Contax 35mm photographic system is a Loupe for inspecting slides (or other purpose). That is an equivalent of those offer by Schneider and Leica.

Carl Zeiss Triotar T* - Lupe 5X

The Triotar T
* Lupe 5X has a sufficient viewing field to cover the entire 35mm film format (24 x 36mm). The loupe is not only designed to provide a very bright and clear image but to do so with superb color reproduction and almost no distortion. The long eye-point (approx. 20mm) gives a comfortable view without tiring the eye during viewing sessions.

The bottom section of the Triotar T
* Lupe 5X is interchangeable allowing the user to select a transparent base for reflection print viewing or a solid base for transparency viewing.

Lens configuration: 3 elements in 2 groups Focal length: 50mm. Eye point: 20mm from the ocular. Magnification: 5X Effective viewing field: 45mm Lens coating: Carl Zeiss T* Coating. Diopter range: + 0.5 D to - 4 D Dimensions (at 0 D): 52mm (diameter) x 62mm (length) (2-1/16" x 2-7/16") Weight: 95 grams (3.4 oz)

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