Modern Classic SLR Series :
Canon EOS-1N Series AF SLR camera

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Background and Various Issues

Basic Features & various Setup
Manual & Auto Focusing | Metering Systems
Exposure Control | Viewfinder optical System

Flash Photography
(with Speedlite 540EZ extension & Selective info on Canon TTL Flash Models:-160E | 200E | 300EZ | 300TL | 420EZ | 430 EZ | 480EG | MacroLites | Other non-TTL Canon flash model

Reliability Issues:-
Body Chassis | Shutter Unit | Electronic Circuitry | Film Transport & basic film handling

Secondary Functions:-
Custom Function Part One | Part Two

System Accessories:-
Film Back Options - instruction for Command Back E1 | Macro/Close Up Part one | Part two and Part III Flash for Macro-Photography | Power Sources -BP-E1 | PDB-E1 | Focusing Screens | Remote Control with Wireless Remote Set LC-3 | System compatibility

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Variants of Canon EOS-1N:- Canon EOS-1N RS | Canon/Kodak Digital DCS-1, 3 -5 & 520/560 Series (includes Canon D2000 - Instruction Manual links provided)

Technical Specification
Main Reference Map / Nomenclature

Resource Centre:- Comparative Charts between EOS-1 & EOS-1N / or with its active Competition(s) (Nikon); Quick Operational Reference Card (278k Gif File); Listings of 7-segment digital numbers/letters appeared on LCD display panel/viewfinders (HTML page); External Link:-Instruction Manual (3.3MB PDF file applicable for both Canon EOS-1N (RS). | Using EOS system for your photography | Bots & Nuts of EOS System - by Philip Chong |

The Eyes of EOS - EF Lenses

| Questions, Issues & Answers | Canon EOS-1 Series Message Board
| Canon EF lens Board | in a shared environment
| Free Trade Zone | shared environment

Additional information on other EOS AF-SLR Models:
EOS-650 (1987.2) | EOS-620 (1987.5) | EOS-750QD (1988.10) | EOS-850QD (1988.10) | EOS-630QD (1989.4) | EOS-1 (1989.9) | EOS-RT (1989.10) | EOS-700QD (1990.3) | EOS-10S QD (1990.3) | Canon T-60 | EOS-1000F /Rebel S QD (1990.9) | EOS-100 / Elan QD (1991.9) | Canon EF-M (1991.9) | EOS-5/A2E QD (1992.10) | EOS-1000FN /Rebel S II QD (1992.4) | EOS-500 / Rebel XS / KISS (1993.10) | CANON EOS-1n (1994.9) | EOS-888/5000QD (1995.1) | EOS-1n RS (1995.3) | EOS-50/50E / Elan II(E) /EOS 55 (1995.9) | EOS -500N / Rebel G / KISS II (1996.9) | EOS-IX (1996.10) / EOS-IX Lite /IX-7 (1996.3) | EOS-3 (1998.11) | EOS-88/3000 (1999.3) | EOS-300 / Rebel 2000 QD / KISS III (1999.4) | EOS-1v (2000.3) | EOS-30 / EOS-7 / EOS Elan 7E (2000.10) | EOS-3000N /EOS-66 / Rebel XS-N (2002.2) | EOS-300V / Rebel Ti / KISS V (2002.9) | EOS 3000V / Rebel K2 / KISS Lite (2003.9)

Quick Downloads (External Links - Combination from & others ) for PDF/HTML Instruction Manuals for various Canon film-based SLRs:
| Canon EOS-650/620 | Canon EOS-600/630 | Canon EOS-100/Elan | Canon EOS-50/50E/Elan II/IIe | Canon EOS-10s | Canon EOS-1 | Canon EOS-1n RS | Canon EOS-1v | Canon EOS-3000v | Canon EOS-30v | Canon EOS-33/Elan7 -PC.exe file | Canon EOS-30/33V/Elan 7n(e)(s) | Canon EOS-3 | Canon EOS-300V/Rebel Ti/Kiss 5 | Canon EOS-300X/Rebel T2/Kiss 7 | Canon EOS-300/Rebel 2000/Kiss III(L)| Canon EOS-1000 (F)(N) QD (P) /Rebel (II) (s) (II) QD | Canon EOS EF-M |

Canon EOS Digital SLRs:
| Canon EOS D30 | Canon EOS D60 | Canon EOS D10 | Canon EOS D20 | Canon EOS 300D/Rebel/Kiss Digital | Canon 350D/Rebel Digital XT/Kiss N | Canon EOS-3 | Canon EOS-300V/Rebel Ti/Kiss 5 | Canon EOS-300X/Rebel T2/Kiss 7 |

Canon flash/Speedlite units: | Canon 220EX -PC.exe file | Canon 550EX -PC.exe file | Canon 580EX | Canon 420EX |
| Canon RS-60E3 Remote Switch | Canon RC-1 Remote Control | Canon RC-2 Remote Controller | Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller |

A little OFF-TOPIC SOME Personal Thought

A Highly Recommended personal suggestive weblink: An excellent EOS Content site by Julian Loke & Company. I don't know anyone of them and although I may not have too many resource developed here in this site but just treat it as my personal contribution to the great work they have done for all EOS community users.

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Volunteered Maintainer(s) for the Canon EOS-1N Series Message Board: Philip Chong, Editor, Digital Camera Magazine; Vincent Thian, Photo Editor, Malaysian Bureau, Associated Press "AP", CYleow, Ex-photo Editor of local daily, The Star; Gary Rowan Higgins, Australia and other nice folks on the web.

Special Credit:- :Mr. Richard Yeow & Mr. Simon Wong from camera division of Canon Malaysia Logo Marketing Malaysia, for their continual effort in supporting development of this EOS/EF website. Others: All the nice people on earth who have contributed their photos and pictures of personal works or product shots for the creation of this site. Certain content and images appeared in this site were either scanned from official marketing leaflets, brochures published by Nikon and/or contribution from surfers who claimed originality of their own work for public publishing in this website, where majority of the extracted information are used basing on educational merits. The creator of this site will not be responsible for any discrepancies that may arise from any possible dispute except rectifying them after verification from respective source. Neither Nikon or its associates has granted any permission(s) in using their public information nor has any interest in the creation of this site. "Canon", "EOS", "EF" "RT", "EOS-1n RS", "Booster ", "Macrolite", "fluorite", "Image Stabilizer" & other applicable technical/business terms are registered trade name(s) of Canon Inc., Japan. Site made with an Apple G5 IMac.